UPDATE (3/26): Croatian police arrested former executive officers of the Uljanik Group today. 12 people in total were taken into custody according to the Croatian Interior Minister. The charges revolve around the mishandling of around one billion Kuna ($151 million) of state subsidies to the yard. The arrests go as high up as the former presidents. This saga just gets more bizarre as time goes by.

UPDATE (2/12): Today it has been announced that the Scenic Eclipse will now be delivered this August.

The luxury expedition vessel Scenic Eclipse was supposed to be launched last year. However, due to complications with the vessel and a dire financial issue with the Croatian yard building it, Uljanik, her delivery has been postponed to sometime this year.

The vessel is nearly complete but with the worsening financial difficulties of the builder, they can’t pay the workers to finish it. Last year, the local government had to step in and provide almost $400 million in loan guarantees just to keep the yard open.

It now appears that fellow Croatian yard, Brodosplit, along with shipbuilding giant Fincantieri, will step in and assist the yard in order to reorganize it, allowing them to finish the vessel.

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