Take a Tour of Oceania Cruises Sirena

Sirena docked in Miami
Bow of Sirena

I recently had the chance to board Oceania Cruises Sirena in Miami during a guided tour. While I was touring the vessel, I took the opportunity to photograph the ship for a comprehensive tour. This review will cover the public areas and staterooms.

Some history first. The Sirena was delivered in 1999 as the R Four for Renaissance Cruises. After Renaissance went bankrupt post 9/11, she was sold by the bank to Princess Cruses. She was renamed to Tahitian Princess and sailed the south pacific year-round. She then changed her name to Ocean Princess in 2009 as Princess wanted to send her to other regions. In March 2016 she was sold for $84 million to Oceania Cruises. Oceania already operated three former Renaissance ships so she fit right in.

The ship is tiny by today’s standards coming in at 30,277gt and has an LOA of 593ft.

Let’s start the tour with our noted obligatory photos. Obligatory stairwell photo. Onboard, one stairwell is blue and the other is red.

Stairwell on Sirena
Stairwell onboard Sirena

Carpet photo:

Sirena’s carpet

Deck 03


The bottom-most deck onboard. On the starboard side are porthole cabins. The forward staircase is used as the gangway and tender embarkation area.

Deck 04


The forward part of the deck are cabins and midships is the bottom floor of the reception hall.

Main Hall on Sirena

Guest services and the shore ex desk is here. The rest of the deck, all the way to the stern, is the galley.

Main hall on Sirena
Deck 05


At the very front of deck 5 is the mooring area. Just behind that is the main lounge.

Main lounge on Sirena 

Ornate woodwork found on Sirena

Leaving the lounge you are at the small casino. The target clientele for Oceania won’t be big gamblers so no need to use up space for a casino.

Stylish hallways found on Sirena

Also running down either side of the deck are outdoor promenades. This doubles as the lifeboat boarding area as the boats are stored directly above.

Promenade on Sirena
Promenade on Sirena

Past the casino is Martini’s bar. Given it’s central location onboard, it’s the most popular gathering area each evening.

Martini’s bar on Sirena
There are many nautical oil paintings all over

Exiting the bar area you pass two small shops on both port and starboard.

One of the two stores found onboard
One of the two stores found onboard

Past the stores you’re at the Upper Hall. This is the second floor of the main atrium onboard.

Upper level of the main hall on Sirena

Past the Upper Hall you can only head further back on the starboard side. Here is the Grand Bar.

Grand Bar on Sirena

And lastly past that is the main dining room. This extends all the way to the stern and allows for sea views on all three sides.

Dinning Room on Sirena
Deck 06


Deck 6 is all cabins. There’s inside, outside, balcony and suites here.

Deck 07


Deck 7 is also all cabins. There’s inside, outside, balcony and suites here.

Deck 08


Deck 8 is predominately all suites. There’s ten inside rooms and the rest are all suites. The bridge is at the very front of the deck.

Deck 09


The front part of deck 9 is the spa. At the very, very front is an outdoor area with hot tub.

Outdoor spa deck on Sirena
Outdoor spa deck on Sirena

Decoration in the entrance to the outdoor area.

Decoration found in the Spa

Main entrance to the spa area.

Entrance to the Spa

One of the treatment rooms in the Spa.

Treatment room on Sirena

Main salon.


Fitness center.

Fitness center

Just before the entrance to the spa are two small rooms tucked away here.
There is a card room.

Card room on Sirena

And there’s the internet cafe.

Internet on Sirena

After that, you’re outside. This is the pool area. There is only one pool onboard.

Waves pool bar on Sirena
Pool area on Sirena
Pool area on Sirena
Deck chair around the pool on Sirena

After the pool is a small casual pool side eatery for burger, hot dogs and things like that called Waves Grill.

Waves grill on Sirena

Past that you’re back inside. This is the main buffet area called the Terrace Cafe. The buffet it not like the mass market ships as there are actual servers here who make the plates up for you.

Terrace cafe on Sirena
Terrace cafe on Sirena

At the very back is some outdoor seating for the Terrace Cafe.

Outdoor part of Terrace Cafe on Sirena
Deck 10


The very front of the deck is an amazing observation lounge. Easily my favorite place onboard.

Observation lounge on Sirena
Observation lounge on Sirena
Observation lounge on Sirena
Observation lounge bar on Sirena

After that there you’re back outdoors. This area is a sun deck and jogging track that surrounds the main pool area. Past that there’s an indoor space that serves as the library. The room is quite striking with the painted ceiling.

Library on Sirena
Library seating on Sirena

Behind that are two restaurants that go all the way to the stern. On the port side is an Asian fusion venue called Red Ginger.

Red Ginger on Sirena

On the starboard side is Tuscan Steak.

Tuscan steak entry on Sirena
Tuscan steak on Sirena


Deck 11


Deck 11 is only outdoors and only in the front. There are several outdoor activities you can do here such as practicing your putting and playing shuffle board.

Mini golf on Sirena
Shuffleboard and sundeck on Sirena

The rest of the deck is a sun deck.