Star Clippers
Star Clippers

A New Twist on the Flying Clipper Saga

It appears the ship has changed names.

According to her AIS (as well as speculative reports in local news), the ship, formerly known as as the s/v Flying Clipper, as been sailing around the Adriatic as the Brodosplit 483. (Brodosplit being the yard that built her, and 483 being her hull number).

She had been launched back in 2017 from the Croatian yard but ran into financial, then technical, then legal issues with the ship. There’s no question that the Croatian yards are all struggling and having issues finishing ships on time. By the time she was finished, the contract had been nullified.

First Look at the Flying Clipper

This change from her intended name to a yard number signifies that Star Clippers definitely does not want her. However, there’s also some speculation that Star never intended to get the ship in the first place.