Norwegian Bliss

Norwegian Bliss Virtual Tour

I recently had the chance to board NCL’s brand new flagship the Norwegian Bliss and I took the opportunity to photograph the ship for a comprehensive tour. This review will cover the public areas and staterooms.

I had commented on twitter that the ship even smells brand new. The interiors were absolutely stunning. The Bliss just started sailing this year in April.

The ship is technically in the Breakaway Plus-class of vessels but more closely resembles her older sister Norwegian Joy. She’s 168,028gt and has an LOA of 1,094ft. At double occupancy she carries just over 4,000 pax.

Let’s start the tour with our noted obligatory photos:

Obligatory hallway photo

Obligatory carpet photo

Obligatory stairwell photo

Deck 05


The bottom-most deck normally accessed by the public contains inside and outside cabins in the front. Running down the middle is a long corridor between both stairwells. Off of this hallway is the children’s areas.

Guppies play area

Guppies play area

Splash Academy
Video Arcade

Entourage teen area
Inside Entourage teen area
Deck 06


Deck 6 is where the public areas start. At the very front is the Bliss Theater. It’s really only accessible from the deck above as it’s just one story and you enter from the top-down.

Bliss Theater

Behind that is the Q Texas Smokehouse. This is the lines first BBQ place.

Q Texas Smokehouse on Norwegian Bliss

Q Texas Smokehouse on Norwegian Bliss

Behind that is a small passageway on the starboard that contains meeting rooms, the card room/library, and a photo studio.

Meeting rooms and library on Norwegian Bliss

Those open up to the main atrium. This is where the guest services desks are.

Norwegian Bliss guest services desks

Main atrium area on Norwegian Bliss

Internet cafe on Norwegian Bliss

Atrium bar on Norwegian Bliss

As the ship is built for the west coast, and homeported in Seattle, it’s only fitting that there be a full service Starbucks there.

Norwegian Bliss full service Starbucks

Complete menu for Starbucks on Norwegian Bliss

As you exit the forward atrium, you emerge to the larger midships atrium.

Midships atrium on Norwegian Bliss

Off the main atrium are several venues.

Social comedy club

Coccos a completely new à la carte dessert venue

Teppanyaki restaurant on Norwegian Bliss

After you exit the atrium, there’s a narrow passageway aft that the is surrounded by the art gallery.

Art gallery onboard Norwegian Bliss

Then you emerge at the aft stairwell. Around that area is the MIXX bar and off of that are two complementary restaurants, Taste and Savor.

MIXX bar

Savor restaurant on Norwegian Bliss

Taste restaurant onboard Norwegian Bliss

Deck 07


Deck 7 starts with the main entrance to the Bliss theater at the bow. As you exit the theater, you are at the Box Office where you can book tickets to the main shows, such as Jersey Boys.

Box office on Norwegian Bliss

As you exit the theater, you’re at the top floor of the forward atrium. Around that is the Local Bar & Grill. This replaces O’Sheehans on the former Breakaway ships (as Kevin Sheehan is no longer with the company).

Bowling Alley tucked away in the corner of the Local

Opening of the Atrium and the Local surrounding it

Exiting the Atrium, you are at the very large Bliss Casino. Her identical sister, Norwegian Joy, is designed for the Chinese market. As a result, the Joy has a very large casino. They’ve decided to use that layout for the Bliss.

Casino on Norwegian Bliss

VIP room at the casino on Norwegian Bliss

Walking aft, slot machines line the hallway

Towards the back of the casino is the Skyline bar

Skyline bar on Norwegian Bliss

At the very back of the deck is the Manhattan room. One of the striking rooms onboard these class of ships.

Manhattan room on Norwegian Bliss

Table setting on the Norwegian Bliss. I love the tiny butter tray

Deck 08


The forward part of deck 8 is balcony cabins and inside cabins. About a quarter of the way back, the Waterfront outside promenade starts. It’s directly above the lifeboats and sticks out from the side of the ship. This creates an outdoor promenade where you can walk down the side, around the stern, and back up the opposite side.

Right after the cabins, the public areas start. On the port side, there’s the District Brewhouse.

District Brewhouse on Norwegian Bliss

Seating area at District Brewhouse on Norwegian Bliss

On the starboard side is the Food Republic which serves what’s described as a global fusion cuisine.

Food Republic on Norwegian Bliss

Walking past those and through the forward elevator bank there’s a grouping of several bars and restaurants.

Cellars wine bar sponsored by the Michael Mondavi Family of wine

La Cucina Italian restaurant on Norwegian Bliss

Outdoor seating for La Cucina

The Cavern Club on the starboard side named after the Liverpool club where the Beatles performed

Outdoor area of the Cavern Club

Back inside, opposite the Cavern Club is the Maltings whiskey bar

Seating area for Maltings on Norwegian Bliss

Bar area at Maltings on Norwegian Bliss

Humidor cigar lounge on on Norwegian Bliss

Heading aft you’re at the top floor of the midships atrium. Surrounding it are the Mojito bar and the Ocean Blue seafood restaurant.

Sugarcane Mojito bar on Norwegian Bliss

Outdoor area of Sugarcane

Ocean Blue on Norwegian Bliss

Outdoor area of Ocean Blue

Back indoors, walking aft, there’s the Tradewinds duty free shops.

Tradewinds duty free shops

Tradewinds duty free shops

At the back of the deck are some food venues. Towards the corder on the starboard side is the bake shop and gelato shop.

Bake shop on Norwegian Bliss
Dolce gelato shop on Norwegian Bliss

At the back of the deck are two restaurants with a bar in between.

A-List bar on Norwegian Bliss

Cagney’s Steakhouse on Norwegian Bliss
Outdoor area on Cagney’s

Los Lobos tex-mex restaurant on Norwegian Bliss
Outdoor area of Los Lobos.

A really neat area I stumbled upon is outside at the very back of deck 08. There’s this neat outdoor platform with a glass floor.