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First Look: MSC Bellissima

The quickly expanding MSC Cruies have just taken delivery of the MSC Bellissima. This ship belongs to the Meraviglia-class and shes an identical sister to her. She comes in at 171,598gt and has an LOA of 1,036ft and beam of 141ft.

She was just christened by Sofia Loren in Southampton, UK. She has served as godmother to all of MSC’s passenger ships.


Probably the most striking interior space is the Galleria Bellissima. This two story promenade is on deck 06 and runs over 300 ft. On deck 7 there’s a walkway going down either side of the promenade. Deck 8 serves as LED awning that extends down the entire length of it.

Off the promenade on deck 07 are two restaurants, a sushi and Teppanyaki place called Kaito on port, and the Butchers Cut on starboard.


The aft parts of the bottom two decks are home to the ships main restaurants.

Also found below deck are the main theater (decks 5&6), the Spa (deck 7 forward), Casino (deck 7), and at the very back of deck 7 is the Carousel Lounge.