Render of Carnival Sunrise

Tour the Carnival Victory

Deck 09


Deck 9 is the lido deck. The first half is all cabins. At the very front are new suites that overlook the bow.
As you head aft from the atrium, deck 09 becomes all outdoors until you hit the buffet later in the deck.
Exiting the atrium you are at Triton’s Pool.

Triton’s Pool on Carnival Victory

Destiny-class on up have these neat tier seating layout. Up the first tier are two hot tubs.

Pool deck on Carnival Victory

Surrounding the pool are the new FunShip 2.0 additions. 
On the forward port side is the Blue Iguana Tequila bar.

Blue Iguana on Carnival Victory

On the forward starboard side is the Red Frog Rum Bar.

Red Frog on Carnival Victory

In the middle of the deck is the main pool.

Main pool on Carnival Victory

Behind the pool on the port side is the Blue Iguana Cantina and a
cross the ship from that on the starboard side is the Guy’s Burger Joint.

Guy’s burger on Carnival Victory

My creation with mushrooms, jalapenos and mayo. Also the chipolte mayo for the fries is amazing.

my creation…….

Walking down either side you are back indoors. This is the lido Buffet. On Victory it’s call the Mediterranean Lido restaurant.

As you walk back on starboard there’s Chopsticks and on the port side is the Carnival Deli.

Deli on Carnival Victory

You then enter the main part of the buffet.

Lido buffet on Carnival Victory
Seating type in buffet
Main buffet area

Exiting the buffet you arrive at the aft pool which extends to the very back of the ship.

There’s the Pizza Pirate on the port side.

Pizza pirate on Carnival Victory

The newly added seafood shack is on the starboard side.

Seafood shack on Carnival Victory
Seafood shack on Carnival Victory
Seafood shack on Carnival Victory

The pool and two hot tubs are in the center.

Aft pool on Carnival Victory

Towards the back, port side, there’s the Sirens’ Bar.

Aft pool bar on Carnival Victory


Deck 10


Deck 10 contains an outdoor area at the front. This is considered the famous secret deck. It’s similar to those found on decks 06 and 07. However, since it sits atop the bridge and the new suites, it extends out over the side of the ship. This is the ideal place to be when entering or leaving port.

Forward hidden deck on Carnival Victory
Forward hidden deck on Carnival Victory

The forward part of the deck is indoors and contains cabins. After the cabins is the top floor of the atrium and start of the glass dome atop it.

Outside is the King of the Sea pool. This is where the slide ends.

Slide and kids pool on Carnival Victory

Past that is a deck that encircles the main pool.

Main pool area on Carnival Victory

The outdoor deck extends to the very back of the ship.

Aft sun deck on Carnival Victory

Underneath and near the funnel is the top level of the Mediterranean Lido restaurant. Unlike on ships of the Conquest-class and above, there’s no additional restaurant up here. It’s just additional seating and usually pretty quiet up here.

Top flood of buffet on Carnival Victory
Top floor of buffet

At the very back is the glass dome that covers the aft pool.

Aft pool area on Carnival Victory


Deck 11


Deck 11, Spa, is split into two sections. The forward section has the spa, salon, and Camp Carnival.

At the front is the fitness center.

Fitness center on Carnival Victory
workout machines on Carnival Victory
Fitness area on Carnival Victory

Behind that is the lobby with the entrance to the fitness area and salon.

Entrance to fitness, spa and salon
Salon on Carnival Victory
Camp ocean on Carnival Victory

The Aft section is just all sun deck and the jogging track.

Carnival Victory’s whale tail funnel
Aft sun deck
Deck 12


Deck 12, Sun, is also split into two sections. The forward part has the teen areas, Club O2 and Circle “C.”

Entrance to teen area
Outdoor play area for Camp Ocean

Opposite the outdoor kids area, is the outdoor adults only section, the Serenity.

Serenity as viewed from the deck above

The aft section is the mini golf course that encircles the front of the funnel.

Mini golf on Carnival Victory
Deck 14


Deck 14 is only in the front and is only all outdoors. The radar mast is in the center and the Serenity surrounds it.

Top deck of serenity

The entrance to the 3 deck waterslide is here, but outside the Serenity.

Waterslide on Carnival Victory