List of Cruise Ships

Here’s a list of every cruise ship by Cruise Line:

**Note: Excludes river boats like the American Song, American Queen Steamboat Company’s fleet or the Viking river fleet,  gambling ships like the Oriental Dragon (ex-Sun Viking), Cruise Ferries like Color Line and Silja Lines’s fleets or the China Star (ex-Radisson Diamond), or Ice Breakers like the Quark Expeditions operated ships.

Cruise LineShipIMO Number
AIDA CruisesAIDAaura9221566
AIDA CruisesAIDAbella9362542
AIDA CruisesAIDAblu9398888
AIDA CruisesAIDAcara9112789
AIDA CruisesAIDAdiva9334856
AIDA CruisesAIDAluna9334868
AIDA CruisesAIDAmar9490052
AIDA CruisesAIDAmira9172777
AIDA CruisesAIDAnova9781865
AIDA CruisesAIDAperla9636967
AIDA CruisesAIDAprima9636955
AIDA CruisesAIDAsol9490040
AIDA CruisesAIDAstella9601132
AIDA CruisesAIDAvita9221554
Alaska Dream CruisesAdmiralty Dream8963727
Alaska Dream CruisesAlaskan Dream8978679
Alaska Dream CruisesChichagof Dream8883563
Alaska Dream CruisesKruzof Explorer7049378
Alaska Dream CruisesMisty Fjord
Alaska Dream CruisesSpirit of Alaska8963715
American Cruise LinesAmerican Constellation9838333
American Cruise LinesAmerican Constitution
American Cruise LinesAmerican Spirit9283124
American Cruise LinesAmerican Star9427615
American Cruise LinesIndependence9583366
ANEX ToursBlue Sapphire7822457
Antarctica XXIMagellan Explorer9822516
Antarctica XXIOcean Nova8913916
AranuiAranui 39245354
AranuiAranui 59677492
Astro OceanPiano Land9050137
Astro OceanCharming9150913
AustralisStella Australis9534676
AustralisVentus Australis9805403
Azamara Club CruisesAzamara Journey9200940
Azamara Club CruisesAzamara Pursuit9210220
Azamara Club CruisesAzamara Quest9210218
Bahamas Paradise Cruise LineGrand Classica8716502
Bohai FerryChinese Taishan9183506
BrodosplitGolden Horizon9793545
Cale, SGPS, saAstoria5383304
Captain Cook CruisesReef Endeavour9012666
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Breeze9555723
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Conquest9198355
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Dream9378474
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Ecstasy8711344
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Elation9118721
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Freedom9333149
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Glory9198367
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Horizon9767091
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Legend9224726
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Liberty9278181
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Magic9378486
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Miracle9237357
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Panorama9802384
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Paradise9120877
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Pride9223954
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Sensation8711356
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Spirit9188647
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Splendor9333163
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Sunrise9138850
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Sunshine9070058
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Valor9236389
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Victory9172648
Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Vista9692569
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Apex9838383
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Constellation9192399
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Eclipse9404314
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Edge9812705
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Equinox9372456
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Flora9837925
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Infinity9189421
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Millennium9189419
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Reflection9506459
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Silhouette9451094
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Solstice9362530
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Summit9192387
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Xpedition9228368
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Xperience8112902
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Xploration9455882
Celestyal CruisesCelestyal Crystal7827213
Celestyal CruisesCelestyal Experience8821046
Celestyal CruisesCelestyal Nefeli9000687
Celestyal CruisesCelestyal Olympia7927984
Club MedClub Med 29007491
Compagnie du PonantL’Austral9502518
Compagnie du PonantLe Bellot9852418
Compagnie du PonantLe Bor�al9502506
Compagnie du PonantLe Bougainville9814040
Compagnie du PonantLe Champlain9814038
Compagnie du PonantLe Dumont-d’Urville9814052
Compagnie du PonantLe Jacques-Cartier9852420
Compagnie du PonantLe Laperouse9814026
Compagnie du PonantLe Lyrial9704130
Compagnie du PonantLe Ponant8914219
Compagnie du PonantLe Sol�al9641675
Coral ExpeditionsCoral Adventurer9838644
Coral ExpeditionsCoral Discoverer9292747
Coral ExpeditionsCoral Expeditions I8804696
Coral ExpeditionsCoral Expeditions II8409240
Costa CruisesCosta Atlantica9187796
Costa CruisesCosta Deliziosa9398917
Costa CruisesCosta Diadema9636888
Costa CruisesCosta Fascinosa9479864
Costa CruisesCosta Favolosa9479852
Costa CruisesCosta Firenze9801691
Costa CruisesCosta Fortuna9239783
Costa CruisesCosta Luminosa9398905
Costa CruisesCosta Magica9239795
Costa CruisesCosta Mediterranea9237345
Costa CruisesCosta Pacifica9378498
Costa CruisesCosta Serena9343132
Costa CruisesCosta Smeralda9781889
Costa CruisesCosta Venezia9801689
CroisiEuropeLa Belle des Oceans8800195
Crystal CruisesCrystal Esprit8705266
Crystal CruisesCrystal Serenity9243667
Crystal CruisesCrystal Symphony9066667
Cunard LineQueen Elizabeth9477438
Cunard LineQueen Mary 29241061
Cunard LineQueen Victoria9320556
Diamond CruisesGlory Sea9183518
Disney Cruise LineDisney Dream9434254
Disney Cruise LineDisney Fantasy9445590
Disney Cruise LineDisney Magic9126807
Disney Cruise LineDisney Wonder9126819
Dream CruisesExplorer Dream9141077
Dream CruisesGenting Dream9733105
Dream CruisesWorld Dream9733117
DreamlinerDream Goddess7904889
Fred. Olsen Cruise LineBalmoral8506294
Fred. Olsen Cruise LineBolette9188037
Fred. Olsen Cruise LineBorealis9122552
Fred. Olsen Cruise LineBraemar9000699
GCCL Cayman Fleet 1Clio9159830
Grand Circle Cruise LineArethusa9398022
Grand Circle Cruise LineArtemis5209699
Grand Circle Cruise LineCorinthian�8708672
Grupo VidantaVidanta Alegr�a8709573
Hansa Treuhand GmbH & Co KGSea Cloud Spirit9483712
Hapag LloydEuropa9183855
Hapag LloydEuropa 29616230
Hapag LloydHanseatic Inspiration9817145
Hapag LloydHanseatic Nature9817133
Hebridean Island CruisesHebridean Princess6409351
Holland America LineEurodam9378448
Holland America LineKoningsdam9692557
Holland America LineNieuw Amsterdam9378450
Holland America LineNieuw Statendam9767106
Holland America LineNoordam9230115
Holland America LineOosterdam9221281
Holland America LineVolendam9156515
Holland America LineWesterdam9226891
Holland America LineZaandam9156527
Holland America LineZuiderdam9221279
HurtigrutenFridtjof Nansen9813084
HurtigrutenKong Harald9039119
HurtigrutenRichard With9040429
HurtigrutenRoald Amundsen9813072
Iceland Pro CruisesOcean Diamond7325629
Japan Cruise LinePacific Venus9160011
Lindblad Expeditions/National GeographicLord of the Glens8966470
Lindblad Expeditions/National GeographicNational Geographic Endeavour II9334088
Lindblad Expeditions/National GeographicNational Geographic Explorer8019356
Lindblad Expeditions/National GeographicNational Geographic Islander9139878
Lindblad Expeditions/National GeographicNational Geographic Orion9273076
Lindblad Expeditions/National GeographicNational Geographic Quest9798985
Lindblad Expeditions/National GeographicNational Geographic Sea Bird8966444
Lindblad Expeditions/National GeographicNational Geographic Sea Lion8966456
Lindblad Expeditions/National GeographicNational Geographic Venture9799044
Lindblad Expeditions/National GeographicSea Cloud8843446
Majestic International CruisesOcean Majesty6602898
Mano CruisesCrown Iris8814744
Mano CruisesGolden Iris7358573
Marella CruisesMarella Discovery9070632
Marella CruisesMarella Discovery II9070620
Marella CruisesMarella Explorer9106297
Marella CruisesMarella Explorer II9072446
Marella CruisesMarella Spirit8024014
Metropolitan TouringIsabela II7914535
Metropolitan TouringSanta Cruz II9265677
Miray InternationalBlack Watch7108930
Miray InternationalBoudicca7218395
Mitsui O.S.K. Passenger LinesNippon Maru8817631
MSC CruisesMSC Armonia9210141
MSC CruisesMSC Bellissima9760524
MSC CruisesMSC Divina9585285
MSC CruisesMSC Fantasia9359791
MSC CruisesMSC Grandiosa9803613
MSC CruisesMSC Lirica9246102
MSC CruisesMSC Magnifica9387085
MSC CruisesMSC Meraviglia9760512
MSC CruisesMSC Musica9320087
MSC CruisesMSC Opera9250464
MSC CruisesMSC Orchestra9320099
MSC CruisesMSC Poesia9387073
MSC CruisesMSC Preziosa9595321
MSC CruisesMSC Seaside9745366
MSC CruisesMSC Seaview9745378
MSC CruisesMSC Sinfonia9210153
MSC CruisesMSC Splendida9359806
Mystic CruisesVasco de Gama8919245
Mystic CruisesWorld Explorer9835719
New Century Cruise LinAmusement World6620773
New Century Cruise LinLeisure World6921828
Noble CaledoniaCaledonian Sky8802870
Noble CaledoniaExpedition7211074
Noble CaledoniaHebridean Sky8802882
Noble CaledoniaIsland Sky8802894
Noble CaledoniaPrincess Eleganza9776676
Noble CaledoniaQueen Eleganza9844461
Noble CaledoniaSea Cloud II9171292
Noble CaledoniaSea Endurance8913904
Noble CaledoniaSerenissima5142657
Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Bliss9751509
Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Breakaway9606912
Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Dawn9195169
Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Encore9751511
Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Epic9410569
Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Escape9677076
Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Gem9355733
Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Getaway9606924
Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Jade9304057
Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Jewel9304045
Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Joy9703796
Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Pearl9342281
Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Sky9128532
Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Spirit9141065
Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Star9195157
Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Sun9218131
Norwegian Cruise LinePride of America9209221
NYK CruisesAsuka 28806204
Ocean BuildersSatoshi8521232
Oceania CruisesInsignia9156462
Oceania CruisesMarina9438066
Oceania CruisesNautica9200938
Oceania CruisesRegatta9156474
Oceania CruisesRiviera9438078
Oceania CruisesSirena9187899
Oceanwide ExpeditionsHondius9818709
Oceanwide ExpeditionsNoorderlicht8650813
Oceanwide ExpeditionsOrtelius8509181
Oceanwide ExpeditionsPlancius7432044
Oceanwide ExpeditionsRembrandt van Rijn8941808
One ExpeditionRCGS RESOLUTE9000168
P&O Cruises ( Australia )Pacific Explorer9103996
P&O Cruises ( Australia )Pacific Adventure9192351
P&O Cruises ( Australia )Pacific Encounter9192363
P&O Cruises ( UK )Arcadia9226906
P&O Cruises ( UK )Aurora9169524
P&O Cruises ( UK )Azura9424883
P&O Cruises ( UK )Britannia9614036
P&O Cruises ( UK )Iona9826548
P&O Cruises ( UK )Ventura9333175
Paul Gauguin CruisesPaul Gauguin9111319
Peace BoatPacific World9000259
Pearl Seas CruisesPearl Mist9412701
Phoenix ReisenAmadea8913162
Phoenix ReisenAmera8700280
Phoenix ReisenArtania8201480
Phoenix ReisenDeutschland9141807
Princess CruisesCaribbean Princess9215490
Princess CruisesCoral Princess9229659
Princess CruisesCrown Princess9293399
Princess CruisesDiamond Princess9228198
Princess CruisesEmerald Princess9333151
Princess CruisesEnchanted Princess9807126
Princess CruisesGrand Princess9104005
Princess CruisesIsland Princess9230402
Princess CruisesMajestic Princess9614141
Princess CruisesPacific Princess9187887
Princess CruisesRegal Princess9584724
Princess CruisesRoyal Princess9584712
Princess CruisesRuby Princess9378462
Princess CruisesSapphire Princess9228186
Princess CruisesSky Princess9802396
Quark ExpeditionsOcean Adventurer7391422
Quark ExpeditionsSea Spirit8802868
Regent Seven Seas CruisesSeven Seas Explorer9703150
Regent Seven Seas CruisesSeven Seas Mariner9210139
Regent Seven Seas CruisesSeven Seas Navigator9064126
Regent Seven Seas CruisesSeven Seas Splendor9807085
Regent Seven Seas CruisesSeven Seas Voyager9247144
RosmorportKnyaz Vladimir7032997
Royal Caribbean InternationalEmpress of the Seas8716899
Royal Caribbean InternationalAdventure of the Seas9167227
Royal Caribbean InternationalAllure of the Seas9383948
Royal Caribbean InternationalAnthem of the Seas9656101
Royal Caribbean InternationalBrilliance of the Seas9195200
Royal Caribbean InternationalEnchantment of the Seas9111802
Royal Caribbean InternationalExplorer of the Seas9161728
Royal Caribbean InternationalFreedom of the Seas9304033
Royal Caribbean InternationalGrandeur of the Seas9102978
Royal Caribbean InternationalHarmony of the Seas9682875
Royal Caribbean InternationalIndependence of the Seas9349681
Royal Caribbean InternationalJewel of the Seas9228356
Royal Caribbean InternationalLiberty of the Seas9330032
Royal Caribbean InternationalMajesty of the Seas8819512
Royal Caribbean InternationalMariner of the Seas9227510
Royal Caribbean InternationalNavigator of the Seas9227508
Royal Caribbean InternationalOasis of the Seas9383936
Royal Caribbean InternationalOvation of the Seas9697753
Royal Caribbean InternationalQuantum of the Seas9549463
Royal Caribbean InternationalRadiance of the Seas9195195
Royal Caribbean InternationalRhapsody of the Seas9116864
Royal Caribbean InternationalSerenade of the Seas9228344
Royal Caribbean InternationalSpectrum of the Seas9778856
Royal Caribbean InternationalSymphony of the Seas9744001
Royal Caribbean InternationalVision of the Seas9116876
Royal Caribbean InternationalVoyager of the Seas9161716
Saga CruisesSaga Pearl II8000214
Saga CruisesSpirit of Adventure9818084
Saga CruisesSpirit of Discovery9802683
Salamis Cruise LineSalamis Filoxenia7359400
Seabourn Cruise LineSeabourn Encore9731171
Seabourn Cruise LineSeabourn Odyssey9417086
Seabourn Cruise LineSeabourn Ovation9764958
Seabourn Cruise LineSeabourn Quest9483126
Seabourn Cruise LineSeabourn Sojourn9417098
SeaDream Yacht ClubSeaDream I8203438
SeaDream Yacht ClubSeaDream II8203440
SeajetsAegean Majesty9102992
SeajetsAegean Myth8919257
SeajetsAegean Goddess8919269
SeajetsQueen of the Oceans9169550
SeanicScenic Eclipse9797371
Silversea CruisesSilver Cloud8903923
Silversea CruisesSilver Explorer8806747
Silversea CruisesSilver Galapagos8708660
Silversea CruisesSilver Moon9838618
Silversea CruisesSilver Muse9784350
Silversea CruisesSilver Shadow9192167
Silversea CruisesSilver Spirit9437866
Silversea CruisesSilver Whisper9192179
Silversea CruisesSilver Wind8903935
Star ClippersRoyal Clipper8712178
Star ClippersStar Clipper8915445
Star ClippersStar Flyer8915433
Star CruisesStar Pisces8710857
Star CruisesSuperStar Aquarius9008421
Star CruisesSuperStar Gemini9008419
Star CruisesSuperStar Libra8612134
Star CruisesThe Taipan8705278
SunStone ShipsGreg Mortimer9834648
SunStone ShipsOcean Atlantic8325432
SunStone ShipsOcean Endeavour7625811
The Boat CompanyMist Cove1085817
Travel DynamicsHarmony G8984989
Travel DynamicsHarmony V8620583
Travel DynamicsPegasus8936841
TUI CruisesMein Schiff 19783564
TUI CruisesMein Schiff 29783576
TUI CruisesMein Schiff 39641730
TUI CruisesMein Schiff 49678408
TUI CruisesMein Schiff 59753193
TUI CruisesMein Schiff 69753208
TUI CruisesMein Schiff Herz9106302
UnCruise AdventuresLa Pinta8112897
UnCruise AdventuresS.S. Legacy8963703
UnCruise AdventuresSafari Endeavour8963698
UnCruise AdventuresSafari Explorer8964654
UnCruise AdventuresSafari Quest8669711
UnCruise AdventuresSafari Voyager8963753
UnCruise AdventuresWilderness Adventurer8978667
UnCruise AdventuresWilderness Discoverer8859689
UnCruise AdventuresWilderness Explorer7641413
US ShipmanagersBerakah7047136
US ShipmanagersBluefort7816874
Variety CruisesCallisto5416553
Variety CruisesGalileo8986286
Variety CruisesPanorama8928260
Variety CruisesPanorama II9325453
Variety CruisesVariety Voyager9657090
Victory Cruise LineVictory I9213129
Victory Cruise LineVictory II9213131
Viking OceanViking Jupiter9796262
Viking OceanViking Orion9796250
Viking OceanViking Sea9725421
Viking OceanViking Sky9650420
Viking OceanViking Star9650418
Viking OceanViking Sun9725433
Virgin VoyagesScarlet Lady9804801
Vishal Cruises PVT LtdDelphin7347536
Voyages To AntiquityAegean Odyssey7225910
Windstar CruisesStar Breeze8807997
Windstar CruisesStar Legend9008598
Windstar CruisesStar Pride8707343
Windstar CruisesWind Spirit8603509
Windstar CruisesWind Star8420878
Windstar CruisesWind Surf8700785
World of ResidenSeaThe World9219331


Cruise LineShipIMO NumberNote
American Cruise LineAmerican Jazz**2020
Coral AdventuresCoral Geographer**2020
Crystal CruisesCrystal Endeavor**2020
Lindblad Expeditions/National GeographicNational Geographic Endurance**2020
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa**2020
Mystic CruisesWorld Voyager**2020
Norwegian Yacht Voy.Unnamed Expedition Ship 1**2020
Peace BoatEcoship**2020
Quark ExpeditionsUltramarine**2020
Royal Caribbean InternationalOdyssey of the Seas**2020
SeanicUnnamed Expedition Ship 2**2020
Star CruisesGlobal Class 1**2020
SunStone ShipsOcean Victory**2020
AIDA CruisesAIDAcosma**2021
American Cruise LineAmerican Melody**2021
American Cruise LineUnnamed Jones-Act River Boat 5**2021
American Queen SteamboatUnnamed Alaska Expedition Ship**2021
Carnival Cruise LinesMardi Gras**2021
Compagnie du PonantLe Commandant Charcot**2021
Costa CruisesCosta Toscana**2021
CrystalEndeavour Class 2**2021
DisneyDisney Wish**2021
Dream CruisesGlobal Dream**2021
Emerald Yacht CruisesEmerald Azzurra**2021
Hapag-Lloyd CruisesHanseatic Spirit**2021
Holland America LineRotterdam**2021
HurtigrutenUnnamed Expedition Ship 3**2021
LindbladNational Geographic Resolution**2021
MSC CruisesMSC Seashore**2021
Mystic CruisesWorld Navigator**2021
Norwegian Yacht Voy.Unnamed Expedition Ship 2**2021
Oceanwide ExpeditionsJanssonius**2021
PonantLe Commandant Charcot**2021
PrincessDiscovery Princess**2021
Ritz-CarltonUnnamed Yacht 2**2021
Royal Caribbean InternationalOdyssey of the Seas**2021
ScenicSceanic Eclipse II**2021
Seabourn Cruise LineSeabourn Venture**2021
SeaDream Yacht ClubSeaDream Innovation**2021
Silversea CruisesSilver Dawn**2021
SunStone ShipsOcean Explorer**2021
SunStone ShipsSylvia Earle**2021
Viking OceanViking Venus**2021
Virgin VoyagesValiant Lady**2021
VodohodUnnamed Expedition Ship 1**2021
VodohodUnnamed Expedition Ship 2**2021
Aranui CruisesAraMana**2022
Carnival Cruise Lines(XL) Excellence-Class LNG 2**2022
Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Beyond**2022
Celebrity CruisesEDGE 4**2022
CrystalCrystal Diamond**2022
CrystalEndeavour Class 3**2022
Cunard LineQueen Anne**2022
DisneyUnnamed 2**2022
Dream CruisesUnnamed Dream class 2**2022
MSC CruisesMSC Europa**2022
MSC CruisesSeaside EVO 2**2022
Mystic CruisesWorld Seeker**2022
Mystic CruisesWorld Traveller**2022
Norwegian Cruise LineProject Leonardo 1**2022
Norwegian Yacht Voy.Unnamed Expedition Ship 3**2022
Norwegian Yacht Voy.Unnamed Expedition Ship 4**2022
Oceania CruisesAllura Class 1**2022
P&O Cruises ( UK )Unnamed 2 Excellence-Class**2022
Ritz-CarltonUnnamed Yacht 3**2022
Royal Caribbean InternationalIcon of the Seas**2022
Royal Caribbean InternationalWonder of the Seas**2022
Seabourn Cruise LineUnnamed Expedition Ship 2**2022
Silversea CruisesEvolution Class 1**2022
SunStone ShipsOcean Albatross**2022
SunStone ShipsOcean Discoverer**2022
SunStone ShipsOcean Odyssey**2022
Viking OceanUnnamed Viking Ocean Ship 9**2022
Viking OceanViking Octantis**2022
Viking OceanViking Polaris**2022
Viking OceanViking Venus**2022
Virgin VoyagesUnnamed Ladies Class 3**2022
AIDA CruisesUnnamed Excellence-Class 2**2023
Carnival Corp./CSSCChinese Vista Class 1**2023
DisneyUnnamed 3**2023
MSC CruisesMeriviglia-plus 5**2023
MSC CruisesSeaside EVO 2**2023
MSC CruisesUnnamed Luxury Ship 1**2023
Mystic CruisesWorld Adventurer**2023
Mystic CruisesWorld Discoverer**2023
Norwegian Cruise LineProject Leonardo 2**2023
Norwegian Yacht Voy.Caroline**2023
PrincessUnnamed LNG 1**2023
Regent Seven Seas CruisesUnnamed**2023
Royal Caribbean InternationalUnnamed Oasis-class 6**2023
Star CruisesContemporary Class 1**2023
TUIMein Schiff 3**2023
Viking OceanUnnamed Viking Ocean Ship 10**2023
Virgin VoyagesUnnamed Ladies Class 4**2023
Carnival Corp./CSSCChinese Vista Class 2**2024
Celebrity CruisesEDGE 5**2024
MSC CruisesUnnamed Luxury Ship 2**2024
MSC CruisesWorld-class 2**2024
Norwegian Cruise LineProject Leonardo 3**2024
Ocean ResidencesNjord**2024
Royal Caribbean InternationalIcon-class 2**2024
Silversea CruisesEvolution Class 2**2024
TUI CruisesUnnamed 1**2024
Viking OceanUnnamed Viking Ocean Ship 11**2024
Viking OceanUnnamed Viking Ocean Ship 12**2024
MSC CruisesUnnamed Luxury Ship 3**2025
MSC CruisesWorld Class 3**2025
Norwegian Cruise LineProject Leonardo 4**2025
Oceania CruisesAllura Class 1**2025
PrincessUnnamed LNG 2**2025
Royal Caribbean InternationalIcon-class 3**2025
Viking OceanUnnamed Viking Ocean Ship 13**2025
MSC CruisesUnnamed Luxury Ship 4**2026
Norwegian Cruise LineProject Leonardo 5**2026
TUI CruisesUnnamed 2**2026
Viking OceanUnnamed Viking Ocean Ship 14**2026
Viking OceanUnnamed Viking Ocean Ship 15**2026
MSC CruisesWorld Class 4**2027
Norwegian Cruise LineProject Leonardo 6**2027
Viking OceanUnnamed Viking Ocean Ship 16**2027
Birka CruisesBirka Stockholm9273727**Laid Up
Blount SmallshipsGrand Caribe8978631**Laid Up
Blount SmallshipsGrand Mariner8978643**Laid Up
Global Cruise Lines ltd. (ex-CMV)Marco Polo6417097**Laid Up
Marella CruisesMarella Dream8407735**Laid Up
Pullmantur CruisesMV Horizon8807088**Laid Up
Bahamas Paradise Cruise LineGrand Celebration8314134**Scrapped
American Cruise LinesAmerican Glory8972338*Laid Up
Peace BoatMV Zenith8918136*Laid Up
Peace BoatOcean Dream7915096*Laid Up
Phoenix ReisenAlbatros7304314*Laid Up
Portuscale CruisesFunchal5124162*Laid Up
Portuscale CruisesPorto6419057*Laid Up
Swan HellenicMinerva9144196*Laid Up
Travel DynamicsAmericana8949472*Laid Up