In continuation from our previous thread yesterday, here’s an update on what happened over night.


Viking Sky has now berthed alongside Molde and this cruise will officially end here. Passengers will all disembark and be transferred to local hotels. Viking has chartered flights to get all passengers back. Her next cruise out out of London to Copenhagen has been canceled but the one leaving April 6 from Copenhagen to Amsterdam is still scheduled to leave on time.

The above should be a live video feed of her sailing in. Below is a youtube webcam.

Local authorities have issued a no-fly-zone around the Fjord that she’s sailing through out of fear of drones getting in the way.

A total of 479 of the 1,373 persons onboard have been airlifted. Therefore 436 pax and 458 crew are still onboard. Helicopters stayed working for 19 hours straight lifting up one pax at a time. Crews have said in those weather conditions, it was just at the limit of what they could handle.

Norwegian owner of Viking,
Torstein Hagen, went to Norway to meet passengers and the ship when it arrived. (
Arnfinn Mauren )
(Vidar Ryther Myklebust)

Torstein Hagen met briefly with reporters and stated that he’s glad the airlift has gone well and that this entire event “should not have happened.” There will be in internal investigation as per the ships ISM code.

The local Norwegian Accident Investigation Board is undecided if they will open an investigation as the ship’s structure was neither damaged nor was she fully evacuated.

At daybreak, the OSV Ocean Response met the vessel and they’re currently enroute to the closest port Molde.

She is now scheduled to berth at 4:40 local time (UTC+1).