I promise this will be the last post about the Splendor fire. Some reactions from various passengers and so called experts were too funny to pass up. Take this one for instance:

Carnival Cruise Lines Insider is more than likely a laid off crewmember from the hotel department. He claims to know what actually happened onboard even though the crew are silent until the investigation is over.

Two engine pistons blew up on the Splendor. The oil was so hot that they couldn’t put down the fire for 12 hours (Yes, that’s Twelve hours!). The blackout was so bad, they were not even able to lower the Life Boats. Imagine a full evacuation with no lifeboats!                    -November 12, 2010 by carnivalinsider

Without getting into too much of a rant, there is no way there was a 12 hour oil fire and the ship stayed afloat. Oil fires are incredibly hot and water does not suppress them. And all lifeboats onboard any ship operate on gravity davits to allow the life boats to glide down to boarding positions in case of this exact situation. There there are so called “experts” on media stations that are astonished by the ship experiencing a blackout from a fire with statements of: “These things are supposed to have redundant systems and blackouts are impossible,” blah blah blah. They do have redundant systems, but if the fire was so strong that it effected the control room down below, then your simply SOL. Redundant systems can only do so much if you cant divert the systems to them.

Sorry about that.

So some notes:

The cruise this Sunday is cancelled and they hope to get the ship ready for the cruise leaving the 21st.

Check out this video from on the deck of the Splendor.

And here is a more official CBS news video.

CruiseLaw also has this local news video.


Now, we here at CruiseInd can finally end this Splendor fiasco, unless the investigation turns up something intresting!