Recap Seatrade Cruise Global Day 1

Just some quick notes from the show floor from the first day:

  • The day started off with the annual State of the Industry. You can see our recap here as well as my commentary.
  • There was Carnival’s awesome and over the top presser where they announced the new suites as well as Family Feud being held on their ships.
  • They have the show laid out differently this year. For the most part, the ports and country pavilions are on the left and the ship equipment are on the right.
  • Royal Caribbean quietly announced that they are temporarily suspending operation of the skypad. This is the outdoor bungee/trampoline venue on their newly refurbed ships.
  • Oceania Cruises will feature an enhanced plant-based culinary selection on their ships. This is designed to attract health conscious and strict vegetarians.
  • Cunard announced that in addition to their 2019 Alaska season, they plan on expanding their 2020 Alaska season.
  • MSC announced this:
  • New Norwegian coastal shipowner Havila Kystruten signed an agreement with fellow Norwegian firm Kongsberg for servicing of their equipment onboard.
  • And interestingly enough, China is being mentioned less and less during the show. The past two years it was all anyone could talk about.

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