Last night was the premier of NCL CEO Kevin Sheehan’s appearance on Undercover Boss. It’s a show where the CEO of big companies go under cover and work the hardest jobs and do the most difficult tasks that are in the company. For this episode, Mr. Sheehan worked on the Pride of America as part of the deck crew and then on the Norwegian Epic as part of the wait staff, sports staff, and entertainment staff. I will see if I can get a link to the full episode. It was a pretty good watch.

But here is an interesting twist. I remember reading back in the day, that former Carnival CEO Bob Dickinson was on a similar show. It turns out that on June 28, 2002, Mr. Dickinson did the exact same thing. He was onboard the Imagination and sailed the Caribbean and seeing the backbreaking work his employees do. The show aired on PBS and I cannot find the video.