Norwegian Epic European Surprise

Buried deep in NCL’s latest presser about their Summer 2013/14 Deployment, I found this interesting tidbit:

Guests will also have the opportunity to sail round-trip from Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy or Marseille, France giving them the flexibility to choose the homeport that is more convenient for them.

I’ve always wondered when lines would start doing this. I always thought of it to be an interesting idea to explore. The Med is the ideal place to try that, but imagine island hopping around the Caribbean. Wouldn’t that be something? Lets expand on this idea. Imagine boarding the ship in Miami, 3 days later getting off in St. Tomas. Spend 2 days in a resort there, then hop a sistership down to Barbados. Spend the night there and fly back home.

If there was a cruise line to try it, it would be the non-conformist, rebel child of the industry: NCL.