Drew Masden Resigns at NCL; Andy Stuart To Replace Him

Kind of surprising news here. In October, it was announced that Drew Masden would take over as COO; as they started shedding some of soon-to-depart Kevin Sheehan’s responsibilities. Today, NCL announced that he resigned and long time favorite Andy Stuart will take over.

Congratulations Mr. Stuart. You’ve earned it! He’s one of the very few remaining employees that worked at NCL prior to the Star Cruises acquisition in 2000. Ever since I started following the industry in 1997, I’ve always followed what Mr. Stuart has done, and was a huge supporter.

An interesting quote that I’m going to look into way too deep:

Given the recent restructuring of the role and job responsibilities, Drew has decided to step down. We thank him for his contributions and wish him well

So it seems Mr. Masden wasn’t a fan of the changes that CEO Frank Del Rio made and resigned as a result.