BREAKING: MSC Musica Suffers Engine Room Fire

Just a month after the Carnival Splendor was incapacitated by an engine room fire, another one has struck an MSC ship. The MSC Musica was scheduled to leave Rio de Janeiro, Brazil yesterday when an engine room fire crippled the ships air conditioning and water purification system. Local Brazilian papers report the following:

A principle of fire in the engine room of the vessel MSC Music, the company’s MSC Cruises, caused confusion in the passenger terminal of the port of Rio in the early evening on Sunday (19).

Passengers are frustrated with the cancellation of cruise

The ship with 3,100 people, would weigh anchor at 18h for an eight-day trip with stopovers in the ports of Recife, Maceió and Salvador, where he returned to Rio

Because of the fire, the vessel was no airconditioning and no water supply, which angered passengers. Nevertheless, shortly after 18:30 the sound system announced the departure of the ship.

Disgusted, a group of about 50 people took the stairs leading to the boat, preventing it to be hoisted. The trip was then canceled.