First Look: s/v Flying Clipper now renamed Golden Horizon

UPDATE 6/29/2020: Tradewind Voyages UK ltd. have renamed the ship Golden Horizon. Her first voyage is being targeted for Spring 2021.

UPDATE 6/5/2020: It has been announced that the vessel known as Brodosplit 483 will be chartered to UK based Tradewind Voyages UK ltd. She will be renamed and rebranded accordingly.

Not much is known about her as there are serious delays with the yard. Start Clippers isn’t even sure when they’ll take possession so they haven’t published itineraries or even deck plans. The word “Flying” doesn’t even appear in their latest brochure.

This will be the lines first newbuild since the Royal Clipper launched in 2000. The ship is modeled on the historic 5-masted France II sailing ship from the early 20th century. Her interiors also resemble the Royal Clipper, her spiritual sister.

There’s a current ongoing controversy at the yard that built her, Brodosplit in Croatia. It got so bad that Star Clippers is refusing to accept her until certain classification society standards are met. These include SOLAS’s Safe Return to Port policies that set the standard of how a ship should act after a fire or flooding casualty. It’s up to the yard and architect (or design firm) to configure it as such; the yard and contractors to build it accordingly; and the owner and class to sign off on it . Somewhere in this process there’s a disconnect, and it’s causing this finished vessel to be warm laid up in Croatia.

I get a sense that these pictures were ‘leaked’ out in an attempt from the yard to show that they built and delivered the vessel, and the onus is on Star.

Here’s a clip from a documentary about the Royal Clipper.

(Disregard the factual errors in it. As well as the spooky music)

Below deck is the bottom floor of a vast three deck atrium.

You wouldn’t expect to find something like this on a sailing vessel, but Star Clippers like to add these in. The dining room is typically on the bottom deck with a lounge surrounding it on the middle deck.

The glass dome on the top, doubles as a pool up on deck.

Below deck is the ships lobby.

As well as a spa.

There’s also a few smaller areas below deck:

Inside of the plunge pool.
Midships boutique.
Main stairwell.

Off the stern of the vessel is a wake view bar.

Up on deck is where the vessel shines even more! At the very front is the ships bridge.

From the bridge, looking aft down the ships maindeck.

Then there’s the midships pool with the atrium dome, as well as a midships bar.

There’s also a recessed, covered outdoor lounge area.

At the very back of the ship is this neat plunge pool and a figurative ships wheel.

And lastly, here’s what her cabins will look like:

All photos via Brodosplit