UPDATE 10/24: Check out the comments section of the post to see another account. This time from Lisa. Thanks Lisa.

UPDATE 10/21: Another cruiser from that voyage was able to provide us with their take in the incident:

We were with Carlene and yes it was a “Thank you God” moment–He is always there to protect us. The talk on the ship was it list 30 degrees and it seemed like it was for about 45 secs then it started to upright itself. When I heard my room steward say” That scared me” I knew something wasn’t right. I was amazed at how quick everything was returned to normal.

Thank you Carl& Johnny Beth!


As Carlene Kelley commented on my Caribbean Princess Lists on Oct. 17, Carlene Writes:

I was on board! It was scary and a major happening on our trip. The pools on the 16th floor or deck emptied as witnessed by two of our traveling companions. The entire display of framed oil paintings dropped like dominoes. It was amazing how the crew recouped and had dinner for us that night! I was impressed!! To those of us on board, it was rather harrowing even though I know it could have been a lot worse! It was a “Thank You Lord” moment!

A big thanks goes out for providing us with the scary account.

If Carlene is reading, how many degrees do you estimate the list was?