Tech Thursday: Cruising via Facebook

Ok now I have seen it all. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am always outspoken when it comes to technology. I am a proud technology pundit and always encourage the use of it, but this may be too far! 

Cunard recently hosted a virtual crossing aboard Queen Mary 2…on Facebook. Simply by visiting their Facebook page, “virtual guests” could suggesting what actual passengers should do. Regular activities, along with the suggestions posted are what is actually happening on the ship in the middle of the ocean.

John Honeywell, aka Captain Greybeard, sums it up the best:

In the afternoon, for example, some may decide to take afternoon tea while others opt to listen to a lecture or visit the planetarium. In the evening, they can suggest which restaurant to dine in, and even what to wear.

During the day, the virtual traveller gets a chance to tour the ship and meet fellow passengers, such as this aristocratic-looking pooch in Queen Mary 2’s unique kennels.

Peter Shanks, Cunard’s President and Managing Director:

"When we set out we had no idea what the response might be. It turns out to be very enthusiastic, with many people experiencing and interacting with us on this virtual crossing. If nothing else, it brings home to people who have yet to make this iconic trip in reality just how much there is to do on a transatlantic crossing."

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See, fortunately this works because there is nothing that can capture everything that is cruising. So while it may have seemed like you were on a cruise you weren’t because nothing really matches up to it. Regardless of how many virtual tours I look at of ships online, there is just nothing like seeing an area in person for the first time.