[RUMOR] Royal Caribbeans Fourth Oasis-class Ship Will Be Called Symphony of the Seas

While technically a rumor, it’s basically all but confirmed. Royal Caribbean’s newest Oasis-class ship will be called Symphony of the Seas. The name makes sense falling in line with sistership Harmony of the Seas. There is also the quantum-class ship called Anthem of the Seas. All musically themed names.

Here’s how I made this deduction. Royal  Caribbean recently applied for a trademark for that specific name. While not uncommon, they did apply in the past for many names and still have yet to use them. Case and point “Vantage of the Seas.”

There was also a blog post by the company FlowRider, who make the surf simulators onboard, that say the new ship will be called Symphony. The post has since been removed but is still accessible in a cached version.

And lastly there is photographic evidence. Apparently the steel lettering was just welded to the ship.