QE2 Hotel Opens?

UPDATE:OK so the grand opening is set for October 2018 and this is technically just a soft opening. Guests can try out some rooms and bars but not everything is open. I guess it’s better than nothing.

If you’re curious the prices for the next few months range from $140-$170.

There are reports from the UAE that the QE2 Hotel in Dubai is finally opened today. It kind of came out of the blue and I had not heard of this developer taking over for¬†Oceanic Group and Nakheel whom had previously owned it. I had heard rumors that we was back in drydock last month but that was normal to preform preventative maintenance on the hull since she’s been sitting still for so long.

The above photo also looks like she’s at Port Rashid and not Palm Jumeriah as was originally proposed.

All the major news outlets have picked it up but they’re all repeating the same things and are using the same series of photos. The website, qe2.com, was just updated at the start of the month and only has the small selection of photos.