Deck 09


Deck 9 consists entirely of cabins.

Deck 10


Deck 10 consists entirely of cabins. On this deck are a grouping of NCL’s solo cabins calls Studios. These are designed for solo travels due to their sizes and frank lack of privacy. You’ll see in the Cabins section of this review. Deck 10 also has the bottom level of the Studio Lounge. This is exclusive for only Studio guests and acts as a meeting area so solo travelers can get to know each other.

Hallway to Studio cabins on Norwegian Getaway

Bottom level of Studio Lounge on Norwegian Getaway

Deck 11


Deck 11 consists entirely of cabins.
There’s also studio cabins on this deck as well as the top level of the studio lounge.

Top level of Studio lounge on Norwegian Getaway

Deck 12


Deck 12 consists entirely of cabins. At the center of the deck is the entrance to the kids area onboard.

Splash academy on Norwegian Getaway

Deck 13


Deck 13 consists entirely of cabins.

Deck 14


Deck 14 consists entirely of cabins.The bridge is at the very front of this deck.

Deck 15


At the very front of deck 15 is the Spa. It continues down the forward port side of the deck.
The starboard side has some staterooms for the Haven.

Treatment room on Norwegian Getaway

Inside the spa area also is the fitness area.

Fitness center on Norwegian Getaway

Fitness center on Norwegian Getaway

As well as the salon.

Barber shop on Norwegian Getaway

Just past that you enter an elevator lobby and just past that you are outdoors. Here is where the pools are. The first one is the ships main pool.

Pool on Norwegian Getaway

Covered portion of sundeck on Norwegian Getaway, (World marketplace is on the right)

Past the pool area is the Aqua Park with several waterslides.

Aqua Park’s waterslides on Norwegian Getaway

Past the Aqua Park you’re back indoors. This is the Getaway’s main buffet area called the Garden Cafe. This extends all the way to the end of the ship.

Garden Cafe on Norwegian Getaway

Garden Cafe on Norwegian Getaway

Garden Cafe on Norwegian Getaway

Garden Cafe on Norwegian Getaway


Deck 16


At the very front of the deck is the Haven. I’ll cover that in a separate section on the Cabins page. Past that is the sundeck that encircles both the main pool and the Aqua Park with slides.

Main pool on Norwegian Getaway

Aqua Park on Norwegian Getaway

On the other side of the slides is the ships funnel. Attached to the back of the funnel is the rock climbing wall.

Rock climbing wall on Norwegian Getaway

At the aft part of the deck is an enclosed area that contains the Video arcade on the port side as well as the Entourage teen lounge.

Arcade on Norwegian Getaway

On the starboard side is Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville restaurant.

Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville on Norwegian Getaway

At the far end is Spice H2O. An outdoor venue with a huge screen and amphitheater style seating.

Entrance to Spice H2O on Norwegian Getaway

Spice H2O on Norwegian Getaway

There’s also a small grotto style pool.

Grotto pools at Spice H2O onboard Norwegian Getaway

Deck 17


Deck 17 is divided into two, non-connected parts. At the bow part there is a public sundeck area.

Forward sundeck on Norwegian Getaway

Bar for public sundeck on Norwegian Getaway

There’s a small portion on the starboard side that is the private Vibe beach club. And just forward of that is the private sundeck for Haven guests.

Vibe Beach club on Norwegian Getaway


Towards the aft section is the Ropes course and the Mini golf area.

Ropes course on Norwegian Getaway

Mini golf on Norwegian Getaway

Deck 18


Deck 18 is also broken into two, non-connected sections. The bow section is an outdoor sundeck.

Top-most sundeck on Norwegian Getaway

The aft section has the basketball court.

Basketball court on Norwegian Getaway