Norwegian Escape during Sea Trials along the coast of Norway.

Norwegian Escape Virtual Tour

Continuing our tour of the Norwegian Escape we start on Deck 7.

Deck 07

At the very front is the Escape Theater.

Escape Theater


Just behind that is the second floor of the first atrium. The onboard pub and grill, O’Sheehan’s, basically encircles it. This is the top level of this atrium.

360-degree Photo:

[vrview img=”” ]
Overview of second atrium


O’Sheehan’s Logo


Bar at O’Sheehan’s


Bowling Alley around the corner at O’Sheehan’s

Walking past that is the second floor of the second atrium and the Casino.

360-degree photo:

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Overview of second level of the main atrium

The Casino is quite large and actually starts before you get to the atrium. Slots and gaming tables encircle it entirely, and then continue aft.


At the very end of the deck is the incredible Manhattan Room restaurant. While NCL ships, for the most part, don’t really have a main dining room, the Manhattan Room is the closest it gets.

Manhattan Room Panorama

360-degree photo:

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Deck 08

At the front of deck 8 are cabins.
Just past the cabins is the District Brew House on the port side.

District Brewhouse Entrance
District Brewhouse

On the starboard side is the Food Republic restaurant.

Food Republic Entrance
Food Republic Panorama

Walking aft of those on the port side is La Cucina Italian restaurant.

La Cucina Entrance

360-degree photo:

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About a quarter of the way back, the Waterfront outside promenade starts.

Aft end of the Waterfront promenade

The waterfront promenade sticks out over the side of the ship and has a covered and uncovered area.

Waterfront promenade

The lifeboats hang underneath the Waterfront.

Lifeboat on Norwegian Escape

Covered section of Waterfront.

Waterfront Entrance

Back inside now, walking past La Cucina, on the starboard side is the 5 o’Clock Somewhere bar.

5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar Entrance
5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar Entrance

5 O’clock Somewhere also has a outdoor area too.

5 o’Clock Somewhere on the Waterfront

Walking back is the Tobacco Road Bar and Smoking lounge.

Tobacco Road Entrance
Tobacco Road

Once through that area is the top level of the second atrium. Around that area is Cellars and Pinchos.

Cellars Wine Bar

Cellars Wine Bar

Pincho is the Tapas Bar onboard.

Pincho Tapas Bar
Pinchos Tapas Bar

Also around the atrium is the Mojito Bar.

Sugarcane Mojito Bar

Bayamo Restaurant is also located here.

Bayamo Restaurant

Bayamo also has an outdoor area.

Bayamo on the Waterfront

Walking further aft inside is the Tradewinds Shops.

Tradewinds onboard shopping

Onboard shops

On the starboard side is the indoor/outdoor gelato and bakery.

Dolce Gelato

At the very end of the deck are two restaurants with a bar in the middle. Sort of similar to Deck 06.

Prime Meridian Bar in the Center. In this photo, Cagney’s is to the right and Moderno is to the left.

Prime Meridian Bar

Cagney’s steakhouse is on the port side.

Cagney’s Steakhouse

On the starboard side is Moderno churrascaria.

Moderno Churrascaria
Outdoor area of Moderno.