NEW CRUISE LINE: Cruise Retirement

Miami based Cruise Retirement is a new startup that will be offering the opportunity to live on board the ship. Details are scare but apparently it will set sail in less than a year. They’ve already said that she will be overhauled at TNG Shipyards in Veracruz, Mexico in March. There’s no renders of cabins, interiors, or deck plans. These two are the only relevant items we have.

The ship they’re calling the m/v Enchanted Explorer. CIN is reporting that it’s the former Delphin which is currently laid up in Rijeka, Croatia. It could also be the Enchanted Isle. Reason I say that is because she’s currently operating in Mexico for Delmar and that’s where the refit will take place. (and of course they both have Enchanted in the name.) If it’s the latter, they’re going to need a lot more than $15 million to clean her up.

I give this about 40/60 shot at succeeding.