New Cruise Line: Blue World Voyages

A new cruise line hopes to start up with a unique business strategy. With the slogan ‘active lifestyle cruising,’ Blue World Voyages would cater only to sports, fitness and wellness enthusiasts. I’ll get right to the point and say I’ll be shocked if this ever gets off the ground.

A Miami entrepreneur, with zero experience in the cruise industry mind you, named Gene Meehan will be heading this venture. Meehan’s background was that he ran the now-closed Miami Athletic Club. He found some investment partners that can be viewed on their Team page. One of theme was also part of the Rio Olympics, since that went swimmingly well. I did see, however, that Fredy Dellis is an advisor. He’s the main force behind the successful World of ResidentSea, the condo ship that you can live on. However all the residents onboard bought out his company’s shares and he’s no longer part of that line.

Obviously there’s no mention of a ship, but they definitely won’t be able to secure the funding to build a new one. They’ll have to charter some older tonnage. At first he stated that he wants a 5-star 1,000pax vessel. However he’s lowered that to a 350-pax ship. It makes sense to go smaller but they’re still biting off more than they can chew. There’s not too many US flagged overnight pax vessels out there so it will have to be a foreign flag ship. Therefore their itineraries are limited to foreign destinations. I also assume since Cuba is the buzz lately, it will surely be in the running.

If you check out their website, it just reads funny. I can’t put my finger on the tone of it, other than pretnetiously-yuppie. There’s strange grammar and weird quotes scattered throughout. Also a lot of negative remarks about the current industry and ships. The cruise industry is a large, complicated and complex one. It definitely doesn’t make sense to tick them off.
Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think.