NCL Does it again!: Love for Sail


NCL ships will play a major part in Lifetime’s newest show, Love for Sail. Debuting April 10th at 10pm, the show sends 4 men and 4 women on a cruise, their challenge: find love. (yuck) Ships said to be featured throughout the series, if it lasts long enough to be called a series that is, are the Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Pearl, and Norwegian Star.

I guess NCL is going for the “any news is goo news” theory here. Since this show sounds just terrible.

Kevin Sheehan, NCL CEO:

"We are thrilled to work with Lifetime and our friends at Studio Lambert on a unique series that showcases the many aspects of cruising from lavish suites and incredible dining options to innovative on board activities and exciting shore excursions. There is such romance in being at sea; this show will do a great job of showcasing that and sharing the stories of these guests who may find the love of their life aboard."

The show is from the same producers of Undercover Boss which coincidently also featured the Norwegian Epic.