LIVE: Costa Concordia Reflaoting & Scrapping

UPDATE MONDAY: Another photo today of her Arrival in Genoa’s inner port.

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UPDATE SUNDAY 12:30pm: The Costa Concordia has reached outter port limits on Genoa.



UPDATE 8:48am: The Concordia has officially left her resting place off Giglio. Shes now traveling along at 2.4 kts. It’s so weird to see her pop up on AIS again.

Her and her convoy
Her and her convoy



UPDATE 2:45pm: Here’s a webcam with a good closeup of the vessel. It tends to go down quite a bit.


UPDATE 9:05am: Here’s another webcam view. The ship with the blue hull on the right is the ocean going tug responsible for towing the Concordia.


UPDATE 9:01am: Here’s an infographic of the convoy that will be escorting the Concordia during her 4 day journey to Genoa.

via the guardian

UPDATE 8:54am: It’s being reported that over the weekend that there was a small oil spill on Saturday. The salvage team stated that there was “a small amount of hydrocarbons” spotted and that it was “nothing to worry about.”


UPDATE TUESDAY 8:00am: Costs of the salvage operation have thus far exceeded €1.5 Billion.

Her bow is now visable above the waterline for the first time in 2 years.

via the Guardian

UPDATE 11:27am: via gcaptain:

Water samples taken in and around the refloated Costa Concordia shipwreck have shown no signs of critical levels of pollution, project officials confirmed Wednesday.


UPDATE THURSDAY 08:01am: Concordia has risen another deck or two today.



Here’s a timelapse video of the reflaoting.



UPDATE 12:26pm:  Here’s some underwater video showing the now floating Costa Concordia.



UPDATE 11:41am: Here’s a BBC article with new video.


UPDATE TUESDAY 8:18am EDT: She’s been raised several more meters above the sea floor since yesterday.

UPDATE 10:35am EDT: Webcam view from here:


UPDATE 9:19am EDT: Here’s an excellent video stream from


UPDATE 9:14am EDT: Currently she is about 3 feet above the submerged platform she was resting on.


Crews in Italy are currently raising the Costa Concordia from the seabed.

You can view live here