fathom Cancels Inaugural Voyage

Carnival Corp.’s newest brand is off to a rocky start. I posted last night that I observed her stuck in port longer than she should have been.

Now I’ve recieved word that their inagural cruise has infact been canceled. All guests were in Miami yesterday and tried to board. They were delayed and they tried boarding again today and were told the cruise was canceled.

Passenger Eric Camacho detailed the drama unfolding via Twitter:

The issue given is that the “US Coast guard are performing rigorous safety tests.”

What this really means is that the ship flunked it’s COC inspection. That’s Certificate of Compliance. It’s an annual inspection that’s done the first time the vessel enters a US port. Strange that this would happen as she is right out of a drydock.

Carnival Corp isn’t the only one struggling with drydocking. Rival Royal Caribbean are currently having troubles with it’s similar sized, also re-acquired Empress of the Seas. That was also supposed to be sailing out of Miami by now. Due to issues in the Drydock in Spain, she had to shift to the Grand Bahama Shipyard in order to finish out the work.

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