EXCLUSIVE: Oasis Prototype Photos

This post has been updated to transfer the photos out of a picasa album after it was shut down in 2016.

These were leaked onto flickr and I haven’t been able to find them again. Have a look. They are mirrored on a picasa account so you can view the albums in their entirety. I broke up the almost 100 photos into section based on their location on the vessel. Any problems with them let me know in the comments section below. Also, if you notice any alterations that RCI made that I missed, I’d love to hear them.  Enjoy!

Boardwalk. These are done more recently as they say Oasis of the Seas on it.

Royal Promenade. It is interesting to note how carefully the supports were designed to support the massive weight of Central Park. Also notice how they changed in design slightly.

Dazzles. This highly anticipated lounge is mocked up even with a piano player. Note how the supports on the windows changed. Originally, as per the images below, they were to be square. Now they are triangular. I like it better originally.

Central Park. The next are 3 from central park. The first image is the glass canopy that lets light into the Royal Promenade.

Blaze Nightclub. Here is some random knowledge: it was originally going to be called Dante’s. It was to go along with the gothic theme of the nightclubs from the earlier freedom class.

Here are 3 mockups of various lounges. Included are: The Hall of Odds or the History of Gaming(walkways that flank the casino), Studio B (Ice Rink), and the Diamond Plus Lounge. 

Opal Theater. The main show lounge

The next two are PR events. Look through the photos and see who you can find! I was able to find Adam Goldstein, RCCL’s president and CEO, and Richard Fain, RCI’s chairman and CEO. The first one is from April 2008.

This one is from June 2008.