Costa Concordia Removal Plan Announced

Costa Crociere, Italo-American consortium Titan-Micoperi, and local Italian officials announced the details of the Costa Concordia removal plan. The work will be carried out for about 12 months and will refloat the partially capsized vessel.

Titan Salvage, the American salvage company who are part of the large Crowley Group, will work in a joint partnership with Micoperi, an Italian marine contractor specializing in underwater construction and engineering.

The year long operation will be broken up into 4 sections.

  1. After reinforcing the structure of the vessel, Micoperi will build an underwater platform for the ship to rest on. Titan will weld sponsons on the side of the ship to aid in buoyancy.
  2. Cranes will be attached to the underwater platform and fixed to the ship.They will pivot the ship upright.
  3. While resting on the subsea platform, sponsons will be fixed to the starboard side of the vessel (the side underwater.)
  4. The sponsons will be then pumped full of air and the ship will be towed away. The subsea platform will also be removed.

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