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Costa Concordia Removal Details Emerge

Dockwise has announced that they have been awarded the contract to remove the now upright Costa Concordia. The Dutch company will sail the Dockwise Vanguard to Giglio where the Concordia will be loaded onto the heavy lift vessel. Dockwise is currently talking to Italian officials about where to bring the vessel once safely loaded onto the 900ft semi-submersible ship. If the legal cases surrounding her are still going on, then she will need to remain in Italy. There are also some discussions about just scrapping here in Italy. The operation is expected to take place next summer.

The Dockwise Vanguard is seen in the above photo transporting an offshore rig in South Korea.

The contract is rumored to be around $30 million.

My understanding was that with the addition of the sponsons on port and starboard, they would be able to refloat the vessel and tow her away. This is the first we’re hearing that she will be transported away on another ship.

UPDATE: Here’s what it will look like: