There is ongoing drama surrounding the Carnival Liberty. She’s finally sailing again after being stuck in Galveston with a bad alternator. The ship is due for a drydock in December so officials were hoping they could provide a temporary fix until they can get to Grand Bahama Shipyard for a complete overhaul. It looks like they are able to do that. However, for her current sailings, she must sail at reduced speed since they are unable to bring the necessary generators online to give the ship full speed. The legs from the gulf coast down to Mexico typically involve speeds in excess of 18kts. Liberty can only make 16kts max, for short durations.

As a result, Carnival made the decision to alter her itineraries by removing a port to allow for longer sailing legs. After she leaves the yard, they will reposition her to Port Canaveral and then send the Carnival Valor to Galveston.

This is a very unique situation that Carnival is in. I can’t remember the last time that a line swapped ships on such short notice.

There should be minimal impact to cruisers as they are sisterships and share most Funship 2.0 amenities.