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Carnival Splendor Virtual Tour

Deck 09


At the very front of Deck 09 are new suites that overlook the bow. The front half of the deck is all cabins. The cabins stop around the atrium. As you head aft from the atrium, deck 9 becomes all outdoors until you hit the buffet later in the deck.

Exiting the elevator lobby you’re at the ship’s main pool.

Seaside Theater at the main pool on Carnival Splendor
Splendido Pool on Carnival Splendor

The Splendor hasn’t been fully Fun Ship 2.0’d so she’s missing the staples of the lidodecks. No Guy’s Burger, Blue Iguana or Red Frog.

Hambuger and Hotdog station on Carnival Splendor
Pizza place on Carnival Splendor

Walking past the pool, you’ re back inside. The ship’s Lido Deck buffet restaurant, occupies this space.

Entering the Lido restaurant
One of the main buffet areas at the Lido restaurant on Carnival Splendor
Lido restaurant on Carnival Splendor
Seating area at the Lido restaurant
The aft part of the buffet on Carnival Splendor

Back outside you reach the aft pool. Notice something different? Unlike the Conquest-class, the Splendor’s aft pool isn’t covered and the deck above doesn’t encircle it.

Liner lido pool on Carnival Splendor

The RMS Queen Mary models you see are there because she was home-ported in Long Beach, CA after she launched.

Models of the Queen Mary at the aft pool on Carnival Splendor
Indian food options on the Carnival Splendor
Deli station on Carnival Splendor
Liner bar on Carnival Splendor
Statue at the Liner Pool
At the very back of the Carnival Splendor, looking forward
Deck 10


Deck 10 contains an outdoor area out front. This is considered the famous secret deck. It’s similar to those found on decks 06 and 07. However, since it sits atop the bridge, it extends out over the side of the ship. This is the ideal place to be when entering or leaving port.

View from deck 10 overlooking Carnival Splendor’s bow
Looking down the side of Carnival Splendor
Weathered bench on Carnival Splendor
Carnival Splendor’s secret hidden deck

The front third of deck 10 is all cabins. Those stop at the very top of the atrium.

After the cabins and atrium end, the deck is then outdoors. What’s unique about the main pool on Splendor is that there are actually two decks that encircle the pool. Plus there’s a retractable dome over it too.

The enclosed second level of the main pool area
Enclosed second deck of Carnival Splendor’s main pool
Looking down from the second deck of Carnival Splendor’s main pool
Two hot tubs are tucked away in this area.

Past the pool area there is an outdoor sundeck as well as an indoor part.

At the front of the indoor part is the children’s area, Camp Ocean.

Camp Ocean on Carnival Splendor
Carnival Splendor sundeck

Back inside, the further aft part is the second level of the Lido buffet restaurant. This is where the BBQ station is as well.

Second floor of Carnival Splendor’s Lido restaurant
BBQ area of Carnival Splendor’s Lido restaurant
Second level of the Lido Buffet restaurant on Carnival Splendor

The very aft section of the deck is outdoors and looks over the aft pool.

Aft section of deck 10 on Carnival Splendor
Deck 11


At the very front of deck 11 is the Cloud 9 Spa. 

Entrance to the Cloud 9 Spa on Carnival Splendor
Entrance to the Cloud 9 Spa on Carnival Splendor
A second entrance to the Cloud 9 Spa on Carnival Splendor
Fitness area on Carnival Splendor
Spinning studio on Carnival Splendor
Spa area on Carnival Splendor
Relaxation area on Carnival Splendor
Thalassotherapy pool on Carnival Splendor

Just behind the spa are 16 Spa grade cabins. I’ll cover this in the next section. Back outside there is the ship’s signature slide at the Thunderball pool.

Slide and the Thunderball pool on Carnival Splendor

Just past that is the top sundeck that surrounds the main pool. Here you can see the sliding glass dome.

Carnival Splendor’s main pool and sliding glass dome

Past the main pool, there is the kids waterpark tucked in there right before the funnel.

Waterpark on Carnival Splendor

Past the waterpark, at the back part of the deck, is the ship’s Pinnacle Steakhouse back indoors.

Pinnacle Steakhouse on Carnival Splendor
Pinnacle Steakhouse on Carnival Splendor

At the end of the deck is a walkway that you can look over the aft pool from.

Aft tiered decks
Deck 12


Deck 12 is split into two parts. The forward part contains the second level of the ship’s spa. The outdoor area surrounding it is the adults only Serenity area.

Entrance to the Serenity deck area on Carnival Splendor

There’s this neat little sitting area that overlooks the bow. Would be a great vantage point when coming into, or leaving, port.

Very front of deck 12 on Carnival Splendor
Serenity lounge area on Carnival Splendor

The aft section of the deck contains jogging track and basketball court.

Looking forward from the aft part of deck 12
Jogging track and satellite dome on Carnival Splendor
Carnival Splendor’s whale tail funnel
Basketball court on Carnival Splendor
Aft pool on Carnival Splendor
Deck 13


Carnival Ships do not have a deck 13.

Deck 14


Deck 14 only has a forward section. It is the highest part of the ship that passengers can go to. This is where the minigolf course is.

Mini golf on Carnival Splendor

The slide entrance is here too.

Entrance to Carnival Splendor’s slide