Carnival Glory Sistership Carnival Conquest

Carnival Glory Photo Tour

Deck 09


At the very front of Deck 09 are new suites that overlook the bow. The front half of the deck is all cabins. The cabins stop around the atrium.

Looking down from deck 9 of the atrium

As you head aft from the atrium, there’s this neat tile mosaic of the Glory.

Tile mosaic that’s a gift from the shipyard, Fincantieri

Past that, you enter the main pool area. This area is all outdoors.

Main pool on Carnival Glory

Around the main pool are 4 food and beverage venues. On the port side closest to you is the Blue Iguana tequila bar.

Blue Iguana Tequila bar on Carnival Glory

On the starboard side, opposite that, is the Red Frog Rum bar.

Red Frog Rum Bar on Carnival Glory

Past the pool, just before you go back inside, is the Blue Iguana Cantina on the port side.

Blue Iguana Cantina on Carnival Glory

On the starboard side is the famous Guy’s Burger Joint.

Guy’s Burger Joint on Carnival Glory

Walking aft, you head back indoors. You enter the Red Sail restaurant which is the ships buffet.

Red sail seating area on Carnival Glory
Forward part of the Red Sail buffet featuring comfort foods
Red Sail buffet between the forward and aft sections
Aft section of the buffet under the skylight on Carnival Glory

Exiting the buffet, you are back outdoors at the aft pool. This pool features a retractable dome.

Aft pool on Carnival Glory

As you enter the pool area there is the pizza place on the port side.

Pizzeria on Carnival Glory

The brand new Seafood Shack is on the starboard side adjacent to the pizzeria.

Seafood Shack on Carnival Glory

Just past the pool on the port-side is the pool bar.

Aft pool bar on Carnival Glory

Deck 10


Deck 10 contains an outdoor area out front. This is considered the famous secret deck. It’s similar to those found on decks 06 and 07. However, since it sits atop the bridge, it extends out over the side of the ship. This is the ideal place to be when entering or leaving port.

Secret hidden deck on Carnival Glory
View of secret hidden deck on Carnival Glory
View over the side from the secret hidden deck on Carnival Glory

The front third of Deck 10, just aft of the outdoor deck, are all cabins. As you exit the cabin corridor, you are back outside, right at the brand new waterpark. The main pool area also has tiered levels extending up from the pool.

Main pool area on Carnival Glory

Deck 10 encircles the main pool area and stays outdoors towards the aft section, surrounding the aft pool as well.
There is a section that is indoors, just past the large TV at the pool.
On the port side is the emerald room.

Emerald Room on Carnival Glory

On the starboard side is the steakhouse.

Steakhouse on Carnival Glory

Towards the aft section of this small indoor area is the second level of the buffet. All that’s up there is a BBQ area and more seating. It’s normally really quiet up here, and if you don’t mind carrying you food up the stairs, it’s a nice quiet alternative to the busy buffet below.

Upstairs at the Red Sail on Carnival Glory. Example of the decor around the restaurant
Quiet second level of the Red Sail buffet on Canrival Glory
BBQ area on Carnival Glory
View looking down on the buffet on the Carnival Glory

At the very end of the deck is the sundeck surrounding the aft pool.

Sliding sky dome around the aft pool

Deck 11


Deck 11 is split into two separate parts. The forward end has the fitness and spa.

Spa on Carnival Glory
Spa entrance on Carnival Glory
Spa on Carnival Glory

Just behind the spa are a small group of spa cabins with balconies. There’s also an exit out to the main pool area.
The aft section of Deck 11 contains the jogging track that encircles this part, and the sports deck up front.

Sports deck

The aft section is a large sundeck. The skylight there is over the Red Sail restaurant.

Aft part of Deck 11 on Carnival Glory

Deck 12


Deck 12 is also split into two parts. The forward part contains the Serenity adults-only area. It extends around and down the starboard side.

Serenity entrance on Carnival Glory

Inside Deck 12, and extending to a private outdoor area, is the kids area called Camp Carnival.

Camp Carnival outdoor area on Carnival Glory
Camp Ocean entrance to Camp Carnival

The aft section has a small sundeck forward of the funnel and the mini-golf course around the funnel.

Deck 13


Carnival Ships do not have a deck 13.

Deck 14


Deck 14 only has a forward section. It is the highest part of the ship that passengers can go to.

Serenity adults-only area on Carnival Glory
Serenity adults-only area on Carnival Glory