Carnival Dream

Today Carnival took delivery of the 130,000 ton Carnival Dream from Fincanteri in Italy. This is a traditional maritime ceremony, where the Fincanteri flag is lowered and the Carnival house flag is raised. The ship is currently, at the time of the post, enroute from Monfalcone to Civitavecchia, Rome, Italy, for 3 Mediterranean cruises and a transatlantic to New York.

I’ll post pictures when they are released.

UPDATE 6:18pm: Well due to carnival’s decentralized press area (seriously: -or- both are wordpress too!) all I’ve been able to track down are a few. Click here: CruiseInd’s Carnival Dream Page

UPDATE 6:33pm: Hang on tight until I get the pics up.

UPDATE 6:42pm: I finally got the three new pics up.