Carnival Dream Virtual Tour

Deck 09


This deck is all balcony cabins with a few forward facing outside cabins and some inside cabins as well.

This is also where my favorite hidden deck is as well. Every carnival ship, except for the Liberty, has these decks above the bridge where you can stand out on top of the bridge wings and overlook the side of the ships. You have exact view that the officers have.

Deck 10


The forward part of deck 10 are outside, inside and balcony cabins. Just past the atrium is the main pool area. Surrounding the pool are the ever popular bars and food venues.

Past that, back inside, is the main buffet called The Gathering.

Past that, you’re back outside at the ships aft pool area. Just like the Carnival Splendor and the Concordia-class, the aft pools are not glass enclosed.

Deck 11


The forward part is also outside, inside and balcony cabins. However the first 56-or-so cabins comprise the Spa category of cabins. These feature enhanced amenities, higher quality of fabrics in the cabin as well as easy access to the spa.

The cabins stop at the atrium and then it’s back outdoors. There is a deck that encircles the main pool area.

The rest of this deck is outdoors and encircles the ships funnel. Under the funnel there’s some indoor areas.

In the forward part is the children’s area, Camp Ocean.

On the back part of that is the top level of The Gathering

Deck 12


This deck has balcony and inside cabins in the forward part. Also in this area is the fitness area and the bottom entrance to the spa.

Exiting the elevator lobby, you’re once again out doors. Immediately upon exiting there’s the waterpark.

Past that is the topmost deck that encircles the main pool.

Just forward of the ships funnel is the mini-golf area.

At the very aft of the deck is the steakhouse restaurant, The Chef’s Art Steakhouse.

Deck 13

Carnival ships do not have a deck 13 out of superstition.

Deck 14


Deck 14 is split into two non-connected parts. The forward part is just the Spa indoors. Outdoors is the bottom level of the adults-only Serenity.

The aft part has a sun deck up some stairs forward of the mini-golf area.

Aft of the funnel is the multi-purpose sports court.

Deck 15


Deck 15 is only a forward part and is the sundeck that sits on top of the Spa. This is also where the Serenity adults-only area is.

Cabins are on the next page.