…is Marcia Gay Harden. The ceremony will take place tomorrow after Carnival’s flagship arrives in the U.S. for the first time.

In an attempt to upstage Royal Caribbean and their Oasis of the Seas’, you’d think think that they would get a bigger name. Carnival has a lot of capitol available to them. I have a feeling this event will make news on the cruise blogs and that’s it. Oasis will be appearing on mainstream news outlets etc. getting all sorts of publicity. If Carnival isn’t competing with RCCL on the WOW factor on the water, I would think that they would try to have a WOW ceremony in the big apple. The event will be streamed live online so we’ll see how it goes.

If I were in their shoes I would have chosen Chesley Sullenberger. Yes I know its supposed to be female but Its just a thought to make a big bang with the event. The media LOVES him, and he’s an Idol in NYC. If you want publicity do this. Of course it does go against years of tradition, but think with Royal Caribbean having 7 godmothers and the Dream already has a godchild of the waterpark. If there was a time to break and be pretty liberal with tradition; now is it!  I think John Heald’s choice has always been Angelina Jolie and that would work too, but I’m not sure if they get paid for this. But I am not running Carnival…

Here to hoping Carnival’s event goes without a hitch and is a success.

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