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[UPDATE] Carnival Corp. Reaches Deal With Government

UPDATE 6/4: Carnival Corp. will pay a fine of $20 million. (Basically a slap on the wrist.) In the courtroom today, CEO Arnold Donald stated that they will fix the problems and initiate a plan in order to do so.

With Carnival Corp. in some hot waters with the US government, it was announced over the weekend that the is an agreement in place.

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Carnival Corp. currently faces 7 counts of probation violations stemming from a 2016 plea agreement. If you’d like to know more, we wrote an in-depth analysis a few weeks ago.

Over the weekend it appears that Carnival Corp. and their new legal team were able to come to an agreement with the US Government. It’s unknown what the terms are but if they leak in the meantime, I’ll update this post.

There will still be a hearing June 3rd, in Miami, where Carnival Corp.’s executives, including the CEO and the Chairman, should be present at. It is then that we will know whether or not the judge agrees to the terms if the deal.