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The Latest:

This Page will be updated throughout her first month of service.


2/8/14 4:50pm:

The Norwegian Getaway just departed for her maiden voyage. A 7-Day Eastern Caribbean cruise, Round-trip from Miami.


2/7/14 6:25pm:

The Godmothers of the ship. The Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders.

2/7/14 6:20pm:

2/7/14 4:59pm:

The Norwegian Getaway has now been christened. Photos via Twitter to follow:

Kevin Sheehan, NCL CEO at Norwegian Getaway Christening

via @CruiseRadio Kevin Sheehan, NCL CEO at Norwegian Getaway Christening


2/7/14 8:52am:

The Norwegian Getaway has appeared on the Norwegian Pearls Webcam this morning:

norwegian pearl norwegian getaway

via NCL


2/6/14 9:52am:


2/6/14 9:40am:

via @PortMiami

2/6/14 9:38am:



2/6/14 9:37am:

After a quick stop in Nassau, the Norwegian Getaway is now sailing into Miami.


2/4/14 11:18am:

Cruise Industry News posted their video from inside the Bud Light Hotel. I think they definitely should have overlaid an audit track on it.


2/3/14 2:33pm:

The Norwegian Getaway has just sailed under the Verrazano Bridge on her way out to the Atlantic. She’ll be arriving in Nassau on February 5th.

2/3/14 9:41am:

As the Bud Light Hotel transforms back to the Norwegian Getaway, PR Newswire has the final figures from the Bud Light Hotel experience:

  • 2: ships (a brand-new cruise ship and the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum)
  • 4: days and nights of exclusive parties and VIP concerts at Bud Light Hotel
  • 11: number of musical acts confirmed to perform at Bud Light Hotel, including Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, The Roots and Fall Out Boy
  • 13: days it took to transform the full event space into the Bud Light Hotel
  • 45: bars and restaurants open to Hotel guests throughout the weekend
  • 1,500: man-hours required to turn the two ships and surrounding space into Bud Light Hotel New York
  • 1,900: staterooms on the cruise ship
  • 4,000: approximate number of guests attending Bud Light Hotel nightly events
  • 300,000: square feet of event space at Bud Light Hotel


2/2/14 5:36pm:

Enjoy the Game!

2/2/14 5:05pm:

They even covered the NCL logo on the ships funnel.

via Flickr user Ses7

Original photo and several others on ses7’s page.

2/2/14 4:51pm:

2/2/14 4:46pm:

2/2/14 2:53pm:

All the bars on the ship have apparently been turned into this:

Andrew Stanfill ‏@madshrew

Andrew Stanfill ‏@madshrew


2/2/14 2:26pm:

CNBCBeerNews @CNBCBeerNews

CNBCBeerNews @CNBCBeerNews


2/2/14 2:03pm:

In preparation of the big game tonight; heres a collection of photos from the various parties on the Bud Light Hotel (Norwegian Getaway).

Bart Hubbuch ‏@HubbuchNYP

Bart Hubbuch ‏@HubbuchNYP

via Twitter Andresa ‏@LuckyMonkie



2/1/14 8:34am:

NY1 video with comments from NCL CEO Kevin Sheehan. Interesting bits where he talks about the charter contract.

2/1/14 8:13am:

Here’s a New York Times preview of the Bud Light Hotel (a.k.a. Norwegian Getaway.)


1/31/14 12:04pm:

via NCL

1/31/14 09:49am:

The Norwegian Breakaway pulled in alongside the Getaway this morning. Both sisterships are now docked right next to each other at pier 88.

From Twitter via @PTZtv on


1/29/14 08:00am:

Jason Cochran ‏@bastable


1/29/14 07:30am:

The Getaway is currently berthing back at pier 88 having returned from her preview cruise. Let the super bowl charter commence.


1/27/14 01:55pm:

The Norwegian Getaway departed last night on a 2-night preview cruise for agents and invited guests.

Flickr user Colin Cashmore has these fantastic photos of her all lit up. See more on his Flickr page.

©Colin Cashmore (Flickr)


©Colin Cashmore (Flickr)

©Colin Cashmore (Flickr)


1/26/14 08:26am:

Andy Stuart, NCL’s EVP Global Sales & Passenger Services, just tweeted the Getaway team at the NASDAQ to open it this morning.

1/26/14 07:09am:

via Flickr user ses7

Note the ice that’s forming on the Hudson.

View the rest here.


1/26/14 10:09am:

Here’s a 30min video of the Getaway arriving. via PortFever on Youtube 

 1/26/14 05:47am:

The Getaway has safely arrived from her transatlantic crossing and is now berthed at Manhattan’s west side piers. She’s docked at pier 88.

Norwegian Getaway in Manhattan via AIS live

via AIS Live

1/26/14 05:06am:

She’s seen at the very end, upriver in the below photo from via earth cam.

1/26/14 04:47am:

Sailing in front of the Statue of Liberty via Earth Cam 

1/26/14 04:43am:

Sailing in front of the Statue of Liberty via Earth Cam 

1/26/14 04:43am:

On the left side of the photo via EarthCam

1/26/14 04:22am:

She’s now currently sailing under the Verrazano  and now officially in New York harbor. Shes making 20 knots!

1/26/14 03:23am:

She’s picked up her pilots and now should be sailing under the Verrazano Bridge in a few minutes.

1/26/14 03:09am:

Norwegian Getaway is now inbound for New York Harbor.


1/25/14 10:30am:

Here’s a review from a personal blog during of one of the cruises from Rotterdam.

1/25/14 10:16am:

According to her AIS, shes reporting an arrival at Ambrose light at 04:30am EST Sunday. Ambrose is the area where the ships will typically pick up the harbor pilot for entrance into New York harbor. Interesting fact, when the Blue Ribband was awarded, the trophy for fastest transatlantic crossing, they used Ambrose as the starting/finishing point for New York.

1/25/14 10:00am:

As we get ready for the Getaway’s arrival in New York tomorrow morning, stay tuned here for the latest in pictures and news.


1/23/14 8:37am:

Maritime Matters have posted their review of the Getaway.


1/21/14 11:16am:

Here’s a fantastic review done by Malcolm Oliver of Travel Page.

1/21/14 7:35am:

Here are 2 more albums from guests onboard the preview cruise from Rotterdam.

Norwegian Getaway exterior photos (via flicker user

Norwegian Getaway accommodations (via flickr user

1/21/14 7:25am:

Reports from onboard the ship suggest that NCL capped the bookings for her transatlantic crossing. There’s said to be only 1,100 passengers onboard. The ships double occupancy is 4,500.


1/17/14 7:54am:

Norwegian Getaway

Norwegian Getaway ©MarineTraffic

The 145,655gt ship has now left the busy English Channel and its full away on passage to New York.


1/16/14 07:17am:


Andreas Depping of Depping Design has posted his collection of photos from the Getaway. My estimates put it at well over 340 photos, with 159 of them being interior shots. If you have questions  about the ship or every wondered about her public rooms, this is where you’d find your answers. Enjoy!


1/14/14 11:22am:

Norwegian Getaway now headed down the Solent and out to sea on an preview cruise.

1/14/14 7:21am:

via Twitter (RCI Fans)

via Twitter (Maritime Geek)

As the Norwegian Getaway is now safely berthed in Southampton, here her arrival captured on Twitter.


1/13/14 2:25pm:

via USA Today

Here are 100 photos USA Today just posted at their CruiseLog page. By far, the most comprehensive that we have.

Now that I look at it. It seems her Atrium area is the exact same as her sisters.

1/13/14 1:08pm:

Cruise Inspector posted video of their meal at the Illusionarium.

1/13/14 7:56am:

Here’s a webcam from Rotterdam that you can use to watch the ship. (Must have Java installed unfortunately)

De Rotterdam:Side View

De Rotterdam:Top View


1/12/14 12:47pm:

An Italian forum has a member posting live from onboard the ship.


1/11/14 2:11pm:

Berthed in Rotterdam (

Here she is in Rotterdam. There are also 26 interior photos from today while moored in Rotterdam.

1/11/14 1:51pm:

getaway interior

Moderno and Cagneys Restaurants (

Here are 29 photos from the handover ceremony. There’s also some Interior shots like the one above.