Early Render of Dream Cruises Global Class

An Update on Dream Cruises Global-Class

About a year ago, I wrote an in-depth analysis of Dream Cruises new Global-Class of ships. Let’s dive in even further!

Up until now, really the only details we had were the renders and this vague description of some of her features:

  • Facial and voice recognition in most service areas
  • Will also be utilized for boarding, disembarkation and payments
  • Robots to perform mundane tasks
  • A Cineplex
  • A theme park
  • Asian spa
  • Authentic multiple Asian dining experiences
  • Fast food alternatives
  • Luxury and affordable shopping areas
  • 8 sets of escalators connecting the public areas

That’s sorta where we’re still at. There’s yet to be deck plans, or even a name for these two leviathans. However there was just a massive post of interior renders. Lets take a real close look at these. All currently available photos will be posted in this article.

Probably the most Asian looking room on any ship. All golds, blacks, and reds.

There will be a fully fledged movie theater as well as a main theater.

Main theater

Some of the other entertainment venues will include staples of Eastern ships such as a massive casino and a karaoke bar with private rooms.

Global-class casino
Karaoke bar

There’s also this fascinating room. No idea what it could be, but note the personalized TV’s at every chaise.

Some more photos of interior spaces.

Far East themed bar
Private concierge lounge
Two of the eight sets of escalators onboard

There will be an extensive spa with a variety of offerings.

Entrance to the Spa
Pool inside the spa
Fitness area
Spa room