Advance Ticket Sales Up ‘Five-fold’ for The Cat

This seasons ferry service from Portland, Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia is poised to be a great one for operator Bay Ferries. The president of the Prince Edward Island based Bay Ferries, Mark MacDonald, announced the company’s advance ticket sales are ‘up at least five-fold’ from last year. This route went on sale in January so that encompass 4 months of sales. Last year the ferry carried only 35,000 pax across the Gulf of Maine. This year their early projections are for 90,000 pax.

Last week, Bay Ferries and the Portland City Council also agreed to extend the season by two weeks. This extends her to mid-October.

Interesting note, the Portland City Council also publicly announced that Bay Ferries generated at least $265,000 in revenue last year for the Maine city.

Bay Ferries seems to have turned this route around from the disaster that is was during Nova Star Cruises tenure.