So just to add in a quick update on this and that is there is no update. People in the know are even confused themselves as to the comment on the rescinding of the 12 allowable reasons to travel to Cuba. The cruise lines unofficial stance on this is that it’s “business as usual,” but they will be monitoring the situation.

In the every changing world of the politics of Cuban cruises, there are now more changes that could impact cruise passengers.

Louis Cristal Cuba
Louis Cristal Cuba

Today, April 17, 2017 the US state department issued more sanctions and restrictions against Cuba. Cruise lines have yet to respond and this page will be updated accordingly.

The real purpose of these additional sanctions have to deal with Title III of the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act of 1996. Title III would allow lawsuits to be filed in the US against persons trafficking US goods into Cuba. Up until now, this part of the bill had been temporarily suspended in order to promote more positive diplomatic relationships between the US and Cuba. The announcement today is that the US will go back to enforcing this starting on May 02 of this year.

To real intent is to stop United States currency from entering the country. Where cruises get involved is when US passengers exchange their currency (USD) for CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso) in the Havana terminal. This is allowing the Cuban government to now have access to US hard currency.

Back in 2017 we explored the first round of sanctions and what they meant for cruises.