Seatrade Cruise Global 2019

Last Year’s Keynote

Hello from South Beach!

I’ll be attending the Seatrade Cruise Global convention that takes place every year in South Florida. This is the first year that it’s back in Miami after a couple of years in Port Everglades. This is considered the largest gathering of all thing Cruise Industry related in the world. Make sure to follow my twitter, @CruiseInd, as I’ll be posting updates live from the show floor. Also if you have any recommendations or requests of stuff you want to see on the show floor, @ me or send me a DM or email. I’ll have our annual liveblog of the State of the Industry panel as well as a live blog of several individual press conferences from various cruise lines. Make sure to check back frequently throughout the week as stuff always is happening and tends to be announced without much leaking out beforehand.

And as usual, I’ll post daily recaps at the end of the day, along with a ton of pictures of the ship models.

Hope you enjoy!