Genting Hong Kong, whom just recently transferred their Star Cruises newbuild to Dream Cruises, just announced a rather interesting figure about the Global Class newbuild.

They reconfirmed that the ship will measure 204,000gt but they plan on having 2,500 cabins on board correlating to 5,000 pax double occupancy. However, a vast majority of cabins will have 3rd and 4th berths in them. They now estimate that the ships can theoretically carry up to 9,500pax. Fortunately these cabins will feature the split bathroom similar to Disney or the new Carnival Ships in their Family Harbor category.

While it may be a rarity that these ships actually sail with that many pax, they still have to be designed to accommodate and have the live-saving safety features for those 9,000+ pax.

The ships will measure 1,122ft LOA, have a beam of 152ft and have a 31ft draft.
Genting’s CEO also stated that it has taken them 3 years to design the vessel.