Crystal Cruises announced that they will make a change to the three Exclusive-class of vessels it has on order. The ships, when ordered back in 2015 by their former CEO were going to be 1000pax and 100,000gt. Virtually unheard of for a ultra-luxury vessel. They will be changing them to 60,000grt and only 800pax. Another interesting change is the residences, where one could purchase an apartment to live onboard the ship, are now being eliminated.

New Crystal Cruises CEO, Thomas Wolber, is scaling back the rapid expansion that Crystal planed under its previous CEO Edie Rodriguez.

Thomas Wolber:

The delivery of the service is what Crystal is known for. To be able to continue that, I think we need to take a step back and focus on the size of the ship.

This shakeup wont have an effect on their 100pax Crystal Endeavor luxury expedition yacht.