Deutschland Time Chartered to Phoenix Reisen

The former Peter Delimann ship Deutschland splits her time between Semester at Sea and charter operator Plantours.
Semester at Sea has her for Spring and Fall world cruises as the m/v World Odyssey. Plantours spot charterers the ship for several cruises during the summer as the m/v Deutschland.

Now the owner has time chartered the ship to Germany’s Phoenix Reisen for 5 years. It seems she still will sail for Semester at Sea however. Her first Phoenix cruise starts in May 2016 and her last for Phoenix appears to stop on Septermber 7th in Bremerhaven. The Semester at Sea Fall 2016 cruise starts that next week in Southampton, so it appears the schedules line up.

I previously posted that the ship was purchased by American Interests. I finally found out the actual name of the owner is: Absolute Nevada LLC. registered in Las Vegas by Mr. Donald Hoffman.

Here’s what the ship looks like in World Odyssey livery and as Phoenix: