Celestyal Crystal Collides With STI Pimlico

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The Celestyal Crystal (ex-Louis Cristal, Silja Opera, SuparStar Taurus, Leeward, Sally Albatross) collided with the product tanker STI Pimlico in the Dardanelles strait in Turkey early Saturday morning. Fortunately there are no injuries to any passengers or crew on the Celestyal Crystal and no injuries to the crew on the tanker. Both ships are currently anchored at ports in Turkey where they will be surveyed for any damage before being cleared to sail.
The STI Pimlico is a small 38,734dwt product tanker that was loaded with Naphtha. There was no breach of her cargo tanks and no spillage into the sea.
From the above pictures from twitter, it looks like the Crystal will require a bit more extensive repairs. The line has already canceled the current cruise. Here’s some raw footage of the ship anchored while passengers disembark via ferries.

Edited to update the time and date.