Virgin Cruises held a press conference in Miami today to unveil the first details about their ambitious plans to shake up the cruise industry.

via @hannahbsampson Sir Richard Branson and Tom McAlpin

Virgin Cruises will officially build three ships with the first being delivered 2020. Fincantieri has been awarded the deal. All three will be, for now, homeported out of Miami.

Each ship will be mid-sized, so not the crazy renders we saw before.
1,430 cabins
2,860 pax

Here’s their official website.

There will of course the ‘naysayers’ saying that this is WAY too ambitious and way too progressive for the cruise industry. Apparently this implies, they claim, that it will fail. However the Virgin Group has massive resources to caption and aren’t afraid of risk. They’re doing it the right way. They also have some very smart former industry execs (i.e. Tom McAlpin now that Colin Vietch was ousted) calling the shots. They also are going to a European shipyard that has decades of experience and not an Asian yard that’s never built a large scale pax vessel (Titanic II anyone?!?).