[LIVEBLOG]: Carnival Corp.’s Big Announcement in NYC

Hello all and welcome to the live blog of Carnival Corp’s big announcement in New York City.

My Wild Guess: I’m hoping for details on the big 9 ship order placed earlier in the year but it might be too soon for that. There was also the talk of a dedicated brand for China alone.
My Practical Guess: A new partnership for a service or offering fleet wide. Maybe dining or entertainment.

Could also be about something Amber Cove. The new port they’re constructing in the Dominican Republic. Those are my three official guesses. Tweet me your guesses @CruiseInd

Festive music playing. The event is taking place in uptown Manhattan at the united palace theater.

Seems to be about Social traveling and the impact this has on consumers.

Here’s the full details via a leak.
P&O’s Adonia is being transferred to a new brand called Fathom. It will sail weekly from Florida, probably Miami, to the Dominican Republic and when guests disembark the ship they will partake in humanitarian efforts ashore.

There’s a musical theater group on stage singing about how much they want to make a difference.

Arnold Donald takes the stage. Trying out his Spanish 😉

Carnival Hired Tara Russell to be president of fathom and Global Impact Lead of Carnival Corporation. She’s the one that recently left the nonprofit Create Common Good.

Mr. Donald listing off the recent chairitable donations the corporation has made to Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Nepal Earthquake, St Judes hospitals, cyclone recovery efforts, and others.

“We love giving back but we want to do more”

It looks like the ship will call in Amber Cove, Dominican Republic. Hey I kinda called it…sorta

Tara Russell, head of the new venture, takes the stage. Video is playing.

Looks like Fathom will be catering to millennials [20-30 year olds] that what more in life and want to make a difference. …i.e. me 😉

“We have the opportunity to do something different that the world has never seen”

“We hope you’ll log onto fathom.org and book your next adventure.” Tara exits the sage and the MC is back on.

A Dominican band is on stage performing.

The president of the Dominican Republic is features on a video talking about the project.

Officials on stage talking about types of projects that passengers can partake in. It ranges from helping in a school teaching students English, to spending the morning with a Dominican family in an impoverished neighborhood then helping cook a meal, to helping on farms with planting, and to helping with irrigation projects and making renewable clean water filters.

Tara back on stage.

The announcement is coming to a close. A bunch of kids come out on stage. And now they’re joined by the musical theater group from the beginning.

And that does it, thanks for following.