Cruise Shipping Miami Day 3 Rumors

Here’s the latest rumors I’m hearing from the show floor.

ABB will be delivering their propulsion units, Azipods, to NCL newbuilds in Germany.

Lindblad Expeditions which recently merged with investment company Capitol Acquisition Corp. II for usd$439m is in the market for either a 100pax or 300pax ship.

Crystal Cruises will be getting a Newbuild and not a transfer of the Asuka II (ex-Crystal Harmony) from NYK Line. I don’t feel this has anything to do with the STX France concept they just released.

This is that concept. It’s an expedition ship with an x-bow. More suited to Lindblad.

After MSC announced their intentions to base the first Project Seaside in the US, they are constantly acknowledging the option for their third ship. Typically you don’t comment on options until they’re official, however MSC freely admits to it. They are, however, taking quite a long time to official commit to it. Wonder if this is a leverage tactic.

MSC will be heading to China as well. It will be with a new build, but which one is still a mystery. My bet is on one of the STX France built Project Vista’s. They’ll debut a year prior to the first Seaside, and the first Seaside has already been committed to Miami. A ship like Seaside is better suited to Caribbean or Med cruising.

Viking River Cruises will christen 12 new ships. 8 will be at a ceremony in Amsterdam and 4 will be in Rostock, Germany.