Cruise Shipping Miami Day 2 & State of the Industry

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The highlight of the convention is undoubtedly the State of the industry panel. This years has Arnold Donald, CEO Carnival Corp., Frank Del Rio, newly appointed CEO of NCL, Richard Fain Chairman of Royal Caribbean ltd., and Pierfrancesco Vago, of MSC cruises who are quickly becoming a power house in the industry. The panel is hosted by CNN’s Richard Quest.

Frank Del Rio: Customers with more disposable income due to the low oil prices
Arnold Donald: Carnival grew +20%
Richard Fain: The old myths about cruising still exist
Richard Fain: Im not sure any of us are ready [for Cuba]. We have alot to learn
Frank Del Rio:We bring our own infrastructure
Pierfrancesco Vago: I’m European. We don’t have an embargo. We’re there already.
The topic quickly changes to China and that it’s starting to boom. Size matters for the ships they bring there. Hence Quantum being moved there.
Arnold Donald: China is a blank sheet of paper.
Frank Del Rio: Eastern Med could also be a hot spot.
Frank Del Rio: I don’t have enough newbuilds to go to China. [There goes the reported rumor yesterday]
Someone jokingly said that NCL should team up with MSC, then Arnold Donald chimes in and said that he’d then buy them! [all kidding of course]
Richard Fain: “The cruise industry isn’t homogeneous. We all offer a different experience”
Arnold Donald: At some point yes [I would buy ships from China]
Pierfrancesco Vago:Europe has the infrastructure and supply chain already
Richard Fain: Providing more choices and amenities will increase demand.
Richard Fain: Once we get them young we own them for life[wow]
Arnold Donald: Total cruise ship cabins equal 1% of global hotel rooms on earth
Frank Del Rio: I write the itineraries for each of our 21 ships [which is odd since he just took over NCL]
Richard Fain: I obviously don’t have as much free time
Arnold Donald: Itineraries don’t matter that much to Carnival guests
Richard Quest: That’s because they’re too drunk to get off the ship. [shots fired!]
Richard Quest: Can MSC compete with the big 3
Pierfrancesco Vago: Well I just ordered 7 ships over 150kGT
Quest: If you could cruise on another line, what would it be?
Pierfrancesco Vago: Silversea
Frank Del Rio: River
Richard Fain: River
Arnold Donald: Oh you guys could share a cabin
Richard Fain: Shoot me!

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