Fred. Olsen’s Boudicca Suffers Engine Room Fire

At 4:00 am this morning, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines ship Boudicca (ex-Royal Viking Sky, Sunward, SuperStar Capricorn) suffered a small engine room fire off the coast of Morocco. The fire was quickly contained, and there have been no injuries to any of the 784 guests and 356 crew members onboard.
There are conflicting reports whether passengers were ordered to their cabins and told to put on lifejackets. The line is quoted as saying “The ship’s Master has confirmed that at no point were guests asked to don their lifejackets and gather at the muster stations, as the situation was contained within the Engine Room by our crew members.”

The ship is now sailing towards the Canary Islands at a slower speed than planned.

Reports are surfacing that most of the facilities are restored and life is back to normal onboard.